101 Traffic Generating Tips

If you want to increase the influx of visitors to your website, then your safest bet is to create a blog that is based on premium, fresh and intriguing content. Such a blog will attract the attention of visitors both old and new, and serves as the best way to keep your website relevant and appealing. Thinking about creating a blog is not enough.

You need to take immediate action to improve traffic. If you are running empty on ideas, here are 101 traffic generating tips that will get your right back on track.

Content Makes the Difference

1) Make your headlines eye-catching

2) Make sure your content exudes excellence. It should be humorous, entertaining and informative all at the same time.

3) Write posts which are longer in length to showcase your expertise.

4) Try to be specific. Do not beat around the bush and annoy the readers.

5) Write frequently and make sure you churn out blog posts consistently.

6) Write blog posts in the form of lists, since they attract the most attention.

7) Always try to relate your blog post with recent incidents and news.

8) If there are topics trending on Twitter or in Google trends, incorporate them in your blog post.

9) Go through forums that are related to your area of expertise to get the inside scoop on public opinion.

10) Ask your readers about the kind of content that interests them.

11) Do not be afraid to spark controversies and debates.

12) Make use of link bate techniques. These are conducive to massive sharing.

13) Be consistent with the timing of your post. Readers must anticipate each post.

14) Asses your content, and stick to themes and topics that draw more readers.

15) Incorporate interviews of notable personalities in your industry.

16) Create lists of top blogs and butter other bloggers for increased reputation in the blogging community.

Using Multimedia

17) You should use nothing short of stunning visual and graphical displays.

18) Graphics must be Pinterest-friendly.

19) Come up with intriguing and sharable infographics.

20) Upload videos to Youtube and embed links to your website.

21) Kick start a podcast and put it on iTunes.

22) Reproduce content in the form of presentations uploaded on SlideShare.

23) Host or participate in webinars.

24) For added content, transcribe your videos and webinars.

Make Use of Social Media

25) Open a Facebook page for the blog.

26) When posts are published, make sure they are “tweeted”.

27) Your Google+ page must contain links to your published posts.

28) Use scheduling software, for example Buffer, to perfectly time all your posts.

29) Occasionally link to your old posts to revive them.

30) Be a part of a collaborative Pinterest board.

31) Create a Tumblr blog and re-blog content.

32) Open up an Instagram account and post related photographs of the highest quality.

33) Post insightful comments on other blogs.

34) Pin images from other websites on a regular basis.

35) Do not hesitate to link out to other bloggers.

36) Share the post of other bloggers and retweet often.

37) Build strong, healthy relationships with other bloggers through mail or social media.

38) Follow the followers of high profile bloggers in your field.

39) Do not forget to add social sharing buttons on all your published work.

40) Switch sidebar links and exchange buttons with other, reliable websites.

41) Do not leave out quotable phrases.

42) End your posts with an engaging question

43) Use StumbleUpon for linking.

44) Follow people recommended by Twitter.

45) Be super responsive to mails and comments.

46) Join Facebook blogger groups for knowledge sharing.

47) Set up a LinkedIn profile. Link it to your blog.

48) Submit commendable works to Reddit.

49) Add likable blogs to blogroll. Some may return the favour.

50) Join forces with other bloggers for high quality content production and sharing.

51) Stay in touch with blogger friends and ask them to add you in their blogroll.

Link Building Helps

52) Guest post on foreign blogs.

53) Link to your blog on all online profiles

54) Create a free blog associated with your niche.

55) Ask others to kindly guest post on you blog

56) Enlist your blog in numerous free online blog directories.

57) Sit for interviews for other blogs

58) Prioritize link parties and blog carnivals

59) Use blog’s URL in email signature.

60) Post quality information on forums regularly.

61) Post insightful articles on Hubpages, Squidoo and other pages.

62) Submit articles to official article directories.

63) Create and legalize press release linking

64) Use Open Site Explorer for inspection

65) Place your blog on Technorati.

66) Have your blog syndicated on Amazon Kindle.

SEO is Essential

67) Connect one blog to the other.

68) Install appropriate content plugin

69) Utilize keyword research tools

70) Install All in One SEO Pack

71) Incorporate proper keywords in images file names.

72) Scatter keywords in descriptions and titles.

73) Link out to reputed sites and authoritative sources.

74) Establish Google authorship on your blog.

Giveaways Are Great

75) You should facilitate giveaways and competitions.

76) Make provision for free newsletters.

77) Write and release series of e-books.

78) Offer handsome affiliate commissions on your e-books.

79) Set up a free report for visitors.

80) Giveaway free digital products or e-courses.

Offline Techniques

81) Print cards with your blog’s URL

82) Attend blogging seminars, conferences and workshops.

83) Take on the duty of guest speaking.

84) Spread the word about your blog among friends and family.

Out of the Box Ideas

85) Sign up for blogging competitions

86) Answer Yahoo! Answers questions.

87) Use Pingomatic to ping blog posts

88) Make a WordPress theme.

89) Select pleasant blog themes.

90) Review products of popular brands.

91) Be the protégé of an experienced blogger.

92) Get involved with stock photography websites.

93) Add a link to the RSS feed.

94) Use Bloglovin to provide readers with a variety of platforms.

95) Always link to your best posts from the sidebar.

96) Edit old posts to keep them relevant.

97) Make your website design responsive.

98) Categorize your content perfectly.

99) Create an app for both Apple and Android devices.

100) Make sure you add a search function on your blog and site.

101) Return favors enthusiastically.

4 thoughts on “101 Traffic Generating Tips”

  1. These are some delightful tips, thanks a lot for sharing. I’ve committed myself to one blog post per day in the month of September, because I haven’t actually accomplished this. These tips will help generate some traffic to those blog posts, on top of my twice a day periscope. The one in the morning is about what I’m going to blog about, and the periscope in the evening is about what I blogged about.

    1. Hello Michael,

      Its good to hear that you are keeping up with your goals and meeting them. Keep at it and you will soon see your blog grow and get you the attention you deserve.

  2. There are many that I am currently doing and many I haven’t tried. Traffic is an ongoing issue for me so I will definitely put more of these on my to-do list. What exactly are link parties and blog carnivals BTW? 🙂

    1. Hello Millette,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Link parties and blog carnivals are a kind of ‘travelling’ blog consisting of a single post that contains links to a selection of other blog posts in a particular niche. You will usually find bloggers collectively doing this.

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