Fake News About Blogging You Will Find On The Web

While you can find what a lot of honest Bloggers Like, there are millions out there who lie through their teeth. I mean it.

I’ve read a lot of blogs and believed it to be true, until I began blogging myself and figured it out the hard way, that its not really true.

Sometimes Bloggers Like to simply lie to readers or at least don’t make it clear that its not imperative to have one particular strategy to succeed.

There is no one suite fits all, every blogger, niche and their approach varies, and so does the possibilities to success.

I would like to make this very clear that these myths have been tested by myself on my blogs and are not necessarily as said.

Meaning, these are not true or not fixed. You can do without them as well, the only thing is it might be a little harder, take more time and a little bit more complicated than it should be.

Starting A Blog Requires a Lot of Money

I started by first blog in the year 2007 with about $3.50 per month investment. That was not a lot of money.

A lot of blogger talk about the various aspects of building a great blog and how you have to invest thousands of dollars into your website set up, its not true at all.

You can set up a blog with as little as $12 per month, that includes, hosting, professional web design, and a domain name. Now how cheap is that?

If you are a blogger who was worried about setting up a blog because of the expenses involved in it, I suggest that you do a little bit more research or reach out to me and I will help you set up a blog in no time with as little investment as possible.

SiteGround (aff link) – $5.95 per month

StudioPress Framework + Theme (aff link)– $79.95 One Time Investment or MyThemeShop (aff link)

Only Self Hosted Blogs Succeed

You need to have a self hosted blog to succeed. This is so not true. You can run a blog on BlogSpot.com or even WordPress.com and be successful. It does not matter where your blog is what matters is what you have to offer your readers.

The only thing with self hosted blog is to have freedom to customize, the functionality and expansion options. you are in complete control over how your log looks and function.

About a few years ago there were problems or limitations to the way you could make your shared hosted blog look. However with advancements and today’ the offerings from shared hosting bloggers are different.

For example you can get a blog on BlogSpot or WordPress.com and buy a domain name to point it towards. In additional to that offerings from professional designers like StudioPress you can have their designs as well for a small fee.

You can even advertise, however that still has some sort of restriction, that you might want to check before you get into hosting with shared blog hosts.

Blog Comments are Essential to Growth

Comments matter only if you are looking to build a community. If your objectives are to make money from your blog, comments aren’t necessarily important.

I run a blog that gets about 20 comments average per month has over 50,000 page views and generates over $300 revenue monthly. It’s a tech blog and comments don’t really matter, what matters for us is to provide useful information to readers.

While there are different types of blogs, many of them call for comments. Especially a blog talking about technical or complicated stuff, or if it’s a community type blog or network.

Comments increase page views and nurture engagement among your readers, but not necessarily required.

Making Money Online is Easy

When I started to blog, I had a lot of blogging telling me how easy it was to make money blogging. Get a blog write a few posts and put up AdSense and your on your way to making good money. Apparently, $2 a month is not very much.

Blogging is hard work and take a lot of effort especially if you are looking to make money from simply blogging. SEO, writing content, marketing that content, ranking on search engines, networking and more.

It took me about 1 year to make some really decent income from my blogs.

You Need to Be on Every Social Network

You only have to be on networks where your audience is present or where your customers are prominently present.

There is no hard and fast rule to be available on all social networks. So you can completely skip that while the more visibility you get the better the traffic would be.

However, if you are able to reach the right type of readers then your ROI would be much better.

Social Media Marketing is About Building a Community

Social media marketing is about marketing to a group of people and not necessarily building a community. Social media is vital in promoting your products and or increasing the reach of your business online.

A community is a group of people with similar or related interest. Its good market to them, but to build a community is completely different from social media marketing.

5 thoughts on “Fake News About Blogging You Will Find On The Web”

  1. hi brokeblog.
    That’s a great post. I think most people look at blogging as a get rich quick scheme. That don’t understand that blogging requires you to work your ass off 😀
    Sadly, they’ll realize it sooner or later when their expectations get shattered after trying 😀
    I myself have been through it 🙂

  2. Just Plain Marie

    Thank you for pointing out that it’s possible to have a good blog on Blogger. 🙂 I mean, many of us know it, but it’s gets tiring to constantly read how it’s can’t be done.

    As far as I can tell, my only monetization restrictions are ethical. Blogger doesn’t want me advertising (or posting about) porn, pirating, plagiarized stuff, etc. Stuff I wouldn’t be doing anyway. Other than that, I have private advertising, I use Adsense and I belong to affiliate programs. No real restrictions.

    WordPress.com does not allow advertising, and a friend of mine who uses it complains that WordPress puts unwanted, unapproved ads on her pages. Ick.

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