10 Steps to Get Your Article Organic Rankings

Anyone can write an article today, but writing articles that rank on search engine is something only skilled bloggers are able to accomplish. There are quite a few bloggers who talk about epic content and even offer some very good insights on how to create them.

As they do their part to educate readers on article writing, in this article I will talk about the various steps you can take as you begin writing your epic article. These are simple and most often overlook and end up affecting the overall search ranking and performance of your blog.

Its actually 9 steps that you will need to do as you sit down to write your article and make it epic, the last one is my favorite and I definitely need it to write a blog post. Writing articles that rank well on search engines can be quite challenging if your someone who is not a writer or someone who is blogging as a hobby.

There is a lot of hard work that one needs to put into creating such quality content.

Identify Keyword

The first and the most important part of preparing to write epic content is to identifying keywords that your article will be about.

You need to focus your article to targeted readers who search the web for “the keyword” related information. Search engine optimization can be quite daunting for new bloggers, but if you do your basics right you will definitely find your efforts pay off.

Choosing your keywords for your article is key to ranking on search engines, this can be made simple using tools like Long Tail Pro or even the Google Adwords tool.

Tailor Your Article

Decide how you are going to structure your article.

Every article is unique and does not require to follow the same format. Test out different article structure to identify what works best for you. Its important that you decide this well ahead so you don’t have to worry too much about how the article actually looks once published.

Placements of your media i.e. images, videos and infographic within your article can improve of your article objective. Epic articles have traits that wow the readers.

Select External Sites

Interlinking is an important On-Page SEO effort that every blogger needs to make.

Now that you are about to write your epic blog article, you need to choose the article URLs from your blog that would be relevant and also other blogs(external) that are relevant.

This will help your reader get a complete perspective of what you’re writing about providing sources and access to more detailed information in other articles. Keep total links within your articles at a minimum of about 3-5 links.

Use Eye-Catching Images

Images and other forms of media will make a huge difference to blogging or creating epic articles.

This is not just to get the readers involved but its that images can speak a thousand words. This is one main reason why infographic has been so successful marketing technique to drive traffic for businesses and bloggers.

Using high quality images will make your post even more attention grabbing. Remember you can always purchase images for a low cost or even use creative common images available on a number of sites.

Look Into Your Idea Notes

Before you begin to write your article take a look at your ideas notepad, to see if you have relevant article ideas written down. This will give you a more detailed perspective on how to tailor your article.

You can shorten down your post to include details in a future post, or you can write one long post, that you can even convert to a mini eBook and give away for free to your readers. This is the main reasons we maintain an ideas notebook and also refer to it every time we write Impressive article.

Research Your Article

Most blogs posts that are published today add no real value to the readers. They are standard or usually copied from other blogs. Its important that you always add a unique perspective to your article.

In order to do this you will need to do enough research so that you can avoid creation of duplicate content and add a unique perspective to your classic article.

Research will also help you to add additional value and even at times provide you with additional ideas for your Grand article and even some future article.

Write an Epic Blog Title

While some bloggers and experts suggest to write your article title after your article is complete.

I believe that you need to know what your going to write about before you begin and for that you need to clearly write out your article title. I still prefer to writing a article title first and then the content that will go under it after 5 years of blogging.

This ensures that I keep my content within the boundaries of by article focus. So take some time to come up with a title that would sum up everything that you will cover as part of the article.

Write One Call to Action

It’s important to add a call to action to each article that you create, be it epic content or just a simple article.

This is important because you need to know what you would like the readers to do after they read your article. Each article would have a unique perspective, some to make purchases of products you recommend, some to leave a comment and some to subscribe to your list.

In recent times list building using ConvertKit (aff link) has been the most popular call to action for any post.

Write Out a Unique Excerpt

There is just one more thing that you need to do before you actually write your epic blog. Excerpt or a quick summary of your entire article, something that is about 100 to 150 words would be great.

If you are able to sum up everything your article would hold within 150 words then you can surely write the most Larger-than-life article. This will not only serve as your blog meta description but also help you to craft your article.

Grab Your Favorite Drink (My Favorite)

The last and my favorite of all that you need to do is to grab your favorite drink, your laptop and a comfortable space where there is less disturbance some music if its suites you to write better and start writing. I’ve always found a good cup of Choco coffee and the sofa a good combination to write my articles.

Thanks for reading this article on the Things You Can Do before you write an epic article for your blog. If you have any other views or suggestions do share it with us in the comments section.

4 thoughts on “10 Steps to Get Your Article Organic Rankings”

  1. Hi Editorial Staff.

    You’re correct.

    Writing a post is not just about finding bits of information, then writing it down ourselves. We must take the steps that you mentioned in order to make it engaging and unique. This, in turn, produces a better quality post.

    Thanks for sharing your practical tips.


    1. Editorial Staff

      The Internet has everything Nathan. The only thing left is for us to take action and make it count. These suggestions have worked for me and are something that I implement on my blog as well. Glad that we are in agreement.

  2. This lays out a great foundation to creating great engaging blog posts for your readers. Yes,the first thing you should do is figure out what keywords your target audience would use to find your posts. Using tools like keyword planner, Buzzsumo, Sumome will help you a lot to figure this out.

    Also linking out to relevant blogs and doing your due diligence as far as research will help you tremendously. Especially the more detail you are with the topics. A lot of my own readers really love it when I’m specific with the topics I talk about and above all they can use this information instantaneously!

    Great information here! Have a great weekend!

    1. Editorial Staff

      Thanks Sherman. External links also have SEO value and in a way help you rank better. Its a signal that tells google that the topic on page and linking page is same. That’s why paid posts get penalised big time if they are in an irrelevant niche.

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