6 Benefits Of Guest Blogging Apart From Link Building

​Matt Cutts clearly said it in this blog post “The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO” but that doesn’t mean we should all stop guest blogging.

As per Matt Cutts:

“If you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop. Why? Because over time it’s become a more and more spammy practice, and if you’re doing a lot of guest blogging then you’re hanging out with really bad company.”

Top bloggers and experts continue to contribute to sites like SEMrush, GetResponse, Search Engine Journal and several other large blog networks.
Doing it for the right and for the right reasons can still contribute in a positive way to your blog and business online. In this article I will talk about 6 other reasons apart from link building that guest blogging is beneficial to bloggers and businesses world wide.

Builds Credibility

Guest blogging is a great way to showcase your knowledge in the niche market that you are in it. Its helps you show your competitors that they have in store and against whom they are competing. Guest posts with solid case study of your work, will hep increase your authority as a blogger and an internet marketer.

Irrespective of the niche market that you are targeting, guest blogging can help the readers of the guest platform understand that you know you stuff and you can help them.

This is why Its important that you only publish guest posts that are well written and review over and over. The last thing that you want is for your readers to think that you don’t know your subject matter.

Helps Create Brand Awareness

I’ve recently been doing some some guest article posting of some reputed business blogs, to be exact the SEMRush blog and the GetResponse blog. The primary reasons for me to guest blog was to create brand awareness as this blog is only 3 months old. The response I received through the social amplification of my articles through the blog networks were tremendous, I continue to find my articles being shared.

Brand awareness is essential to the success of your blogging success and guest blogging is one of the very many ways you can create brand awareness that is absolutely free of charge to you. All you have to do is write high quality and popular blog posts and have them published on reputed sites to get your brand in front of tens and thousands of new readers.

Offers Targeted Exposure

Guest blogging is not for everyone. There are millions of blogs and bloggers on the web. Yet only a handful of blogger guest blog. That does not mean you should not write a guest post. Its can contribute to your blog in a positive way.

You ask how? It can offer you a a highly targeted exposure. Brand awareness is one thing, but having your blog brand in front of a very focused audience is a complete different story. In order to get targeted exposure to your blog, you need to choose the right place to publish your guest blog.

My suggestion is to publish your articles on business based product companies. For example, lets take AWeber. Its an email marketing software that attracts bloggers, email marketers, small businesses. If this is your target audience you want to attract to your business or get exposure to then you need to publish your guest post on AWeber.

Avoid choosing blog that cover a varied topics as you might not just get anything out of it. If you still decide to go ahead with a blog that overs varied topics, then do some research to find out about its audience base.

Helps Gain New Customers

The key to gaining new customers with your guest blog is what type of guest article you decide to publish. The best results I’ve seen came out of case studies that showcases how the blogger solved a problem small businesses face in the industry. This is something that will immediately get the attention of those affected by it.

For example, take the Google panda algorithm updates. These updates have impacted thousands of blogs and small business in a negative way. If I can write a guest post (case study) showcasing how I helped get a certain business back up in search rankings after behind penalised by the Google panda update. Then, I’m sure every blogger or business would be interested to see how much I charge for a service that would help their blogs recover from such penalties.

In the end it comes down to the type of guest post you chose that either drives customers to you or create brand awareness.

Excellent Networking Opportunity

Networking beings with engagement. What better way to engage with your new audience than through comments. But how are you going to get your new readers to comment. Simply by writing something that is controversial in nature, or some totally radical views will definitely have the readers question your opinion (be cautious not to tread too far so as to chase away your customers).

That alone is not going to cut it, you need to write a strong call to action invoking the readers to share their opinions on the mater. Its the call-to-action that determines if the reader is going to comment or leave.

Another great way is to get them to share your content, creating infographic or offering some value added packages if readers share the article will bring you the opportunity to engage them on social platforms. Once you are able to engage all you have to do is regularly engage with the new connections, move it email and may be offline as well.

Drives Qualified Traffic

I’m going to be honest with you here, there are not very many bloggers who can pull this off. Guest blogging to generate high quality traffic and huge volumes can be challenging. You need to do everything right, else you will end up with little to no traffic.

With that said and done there are hundreds of bloggers who still do this. They focus primarily on guest blogging and drive the traffic to the hand full of articles on their blog that focus on affiliate topics.

This traffic helps in affiliate sales and they continue to thrive in the guest blogging space sheerly for the traffic it drives.

There is usually some strategy behind this, since I’ve not tested or tried out any I am not in a position to share it with you right now. This does not mean this system does not work. If this is something you have tried and has worked for you, share it with me in the comments.

10 thoughts on “6 Benefits Of Guest Blogging Apart From Link Building”

  1. Hi Broke,

    Excellent post. I actually never used Guest blogging as a link-building method.

    Till now, i have posted only a few articles as a guest blogger. But i think that we should mostly try to invest our time in creating amazing contents for our sites, not others’ sites. That doesn’t make sense.

    There are many other methods to promote your contents and if your contents satisfy your readers, your success if inevitable. Guest blogging makes only our competitors’s sites content rich. While there are so many other ways to promote contents, someone really shouldn’t stick to guest blogging.

    Although it’s not directly mentioned, most bloggers post guest posts with an hidden expectation to get links. It’s my own perspective though. However, i would never like to invest my valuable time in creating great contents for others.

    You have a nice day ….

    1. Editorial Staff

      Thanks for sharing your opinion and perspective on the subject guest blogging. I understand that this can be both confusing and challenging for many new bloggers. I hope the articles offers insights into why you should guest blog.

  2. I used to guest blog a lot many moons ago, but then with my own website taking up so much of my time, the guest blogging came to an end, although I do have to say I really enjoyed it, but a lot of the time it would be a hard decision when it came to the articles, choosing between them for a guest blog or my own.

    1. Editorial Staff

      Karen, I agree. Its important to strike a good balance between writing for your blog and guest blogs. It does eventually pay off and your rewards are simply outstanding. Glad that you stopped by to leave a comment and share.

  3. Shalonda Gordon

    I’ve only guest blogged once.. and I must admit it wasn’t for links.. probably because at the time I had no understanding of links.. ROFL.. Yet I love this post.. because as many things when it comes to blogging.. there is not just ONE reason why something works.. WELL.. you broke it down well.. Broke! Thanks for sharing.. I appreciate it. keep smiling

    1. Editorial Staff

      Shalonda, You said it. I hope that this article has offered you enough insights into guest blogging and the next time you work on a marketing strategy you use it for the right purpose.

  4. Robin Strohmaier

    Excellent article, Broke! There has been a lot of confusion about guest blogging since Matt Cutts tweeted that guest blogging was dead and to stick a fork in it. The great news is that he recanted that. I agree. “Doing it for the right and for the right reasons can still contribute in a positive way to your blog and business online.” Thanks for the great post!

    1. Editorial Staff

      Thanks Robin. Appreciate your kind words. I believe that Matt simply made a mess of things instead of clearing out the air. SEOs and marketers are scrambling and hoping that their clients are not penalized. Lets hope that Google adopts a much better mode of communicating ranking factors and changes to its algo and the impact it has on Guest Blogging.

  5. Hi there, I tottaly agree with your post, although it still keeps me wonder how is Google going to separate good old networking and guest posting if you are not a spammer. After all, if we are commenting blogs – what are we? Spammers or networkers? Really looking forward for your opinion. Regards, Matija, Slovenia

    1. Editorial Staff

      Matija, There is a very thin line between comments and spamming. For example, comment in relevance to posts, how many guest posts you publish and in what duration will tell Google if the user is trying to build backlinks or genuinely contribute. Also its important that you focus on businesses to guest post instead of low quality sites. This way google knows your genuine.

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