How To Know If Your Blog Has Purpose

Some start to blog out of passion and blog because it serves as source of income. Work at home moms, journalists, even your regular everyday writer has a blog with at least Google AdSense Monetization model applied. The end result is about making money. In order to become a blogger who makes money online, one needs to understand the purpose the blog serves.

If you blog has no purpose then it would be hard to sustain such blogs. Many run blogs today without knowing the purpose it serves. There are countless reasons someone can blog but the truth behind their success is what it does for the community. Take Pat Flynn, his articles are highly educational and are practical advice offered to both the novice and the expert in the industry. If you pay close attention even Eddie Gear is modeled under that style.

The purpose is to offer value in the form of practical advice that has been tested and works. The revenue stream practically comes from the products we recommend or talk about within our articles, product reviews and video if any. There are various ways you can figure out if your blog adds any such value. I’ve put together a list of items that you can review against your blog to see if it has a purpose.

The To Value Adds It

A blog should add value to the community. It is a way of saying I care. Revenue from blogs should come by way of contribution to the community. The articles you write or the eBooks and the videos you create should be something that readers can learn from. Your material should inspire readers to learn and grow along with you. There are different ways in which a blog can add value to the community.

If you are an affiliate marketer your blog helps readers make the right choice by providing them insights into products and what they can do for them. If you are a how-to blogger you are helping people with DIY projects. And if you are an educational blogger, you are creating both free and premium courseware like the AdSense Course by Chris Lee.

Your Pay You Helps If

Many readers are turning to bloggers so that they can make passive income. If you are one of those readers check out my post on how to purchase a hosting account and set up WordPress . Blogging has been a big source of revenue for me over the last 8 years that I’ve been a blogger.

Even when my regular day job was not able to provide with a good salary, I was able to make some cash in the side so that I could manage my day to day expenses. And this is not just me, there are hundreds if not thousands of bloggers out there who are hoping to write a good business plan and set up a passive income generating web property. ​

There are bloggers like Pat Flynn and Darren Rowse who blog full time and make a living off blogging and there are some part time bloggers who blog on the side while holding a day job. Its worth the effort to blog if it helps you pay the bills, the blog purpose is achieved.

In Authority

People blog not just because they can give back to the community, or because it makes them make some good cash. Some bloggers love it simply because it helps them achieve fame. They use blogs to build and establish their authority on the web.

There are bloggers like Darren Rowse who have given blogging a new name “ProBlogger” that is commonly used as a general reference to anyone who blogs to make money online. ​Blogs are a great way to show your readers and customers how much knowledge you have on the subject and at the same time to drive in leads and sales.

List building and engagement can be used as a form of measurement to show how effective your blog contributions have been. Writing regularly or not, making money or not, the recognition that you gain over a period of time is what that matters to many. Are you a blogger with a different purpose? Why not leave a comment and share the reason behind your blog.​

1 thought on “How To Know If Your Blog Has Purpose”

  1. Hello mate,

    Pretty great post! I so agree with what you wrote.

    We, as bloggers, must have a purpose of blogging. I meant we have to have a purpose out of doing anything. Without it, we cannot sustain the prolonged interest to keep doing the things.

    The end things in the blogging are definitely money and fame. But to give one thing a stress, its the money that every blogger wants to make. If so, it must have to have series of purposes because money doesn’t come in by doing just a handful of things. It comes in doing the things right and with consistency.

    Never loose the interest and never end the learning curve to survive in the world of blogging.

    Great read! I am happy to share it on my social life! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

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