7 Problems Only Your Blog Visitors Will Understand

Both as a blogger and a reader, I can closely relate to the seven problems outlined in this article. I’m writing this post in an effort to educate both the blogger and the reader so that we can make the web a better place where both readers and bloggers are mutually benefited.

Has there ever been a blog you visited that looked like it was made just for adverts?

Or a blog that had so much text that was poorly formatted that it was impossible to read?

You know what I’m talking about.

Here are 7 most common problems visitors face when they visit your blog.

Social Share Options

As many of you know I have well over 100+ marketing blogs on my feedly list that I’ve shared as the best blog sites to follow in 2015. While almost 90% of the blogs I read have well optimized social sharing options, 10% of them lack social integration. As a result I’ve unsubscribed from these blogs.

I always use the social share buttons on a blog I read as it allows me to schedule or share it immediately. I do this because I can @mention the blogger or the blog so that they are aware that I’ve shared their content. It’s important for me as I want them to know that I’m contributing to their efforts.

There are two problems I like to highlight:

  1. Lack of social share buttons
  2. Multi step authentication

With the ever changing world of SEO, social media is starting to play a much larger role. Social signals are vital to your search rankings and it’s time marketers gave it more importance. Social sharing buttons make the task of a reader easier and saves them the time and effort of having to perform multiple tasks to share a post.

Some social media sharing plugins require you to authenticate and some do not add the @handle. Because of this the reader has to perform additional tasks to ensure the article is shared the right way. Some readers even give up on sharing because it takes up too much of their time. The easier you make this task for the reader the quicker you build your social authority.

I was able to address these two problems on my blog by setting up Social Warfare WordPress Plugin which increased my blog’s social reach by 3x. You can also try plugins like SumoMe, DiggDigg and others, but from my experience the social warfare plugin allows you to optimize your images for social media giving you the competitive edge.

Slow Loading Website

There are some top blogs that I visit to this date that are so slow that I open it up and go get a cuppa before I get back to it to read it. In this day and age a blog visitor should not have to wait for a page to load. There are so many ways a blogger can Increase Website Speed so as to not keep the blog visitor waiting for the page to load.

WordPress is customizable to such an extent, that there is always some plugin or hack that a blogger can implement to speed up their sites and offer better loading times. Google has even made site speed an important factor to rank blogs on search engines.

While the content on a blog might be good, a slow site draw the reader away from the page and sometimes even forget to get back to the blog.

This is something that most bloggers already know but just don’t know how to speed up their blogs. If you are one of them looking to increase your site speed do check out these articles from here and here.

Too Many Advertisements & Auto-Play Video Ads

As a blogger I understand the need to put up advertisements and make money from it. But when bloggers overdo it readers start to get annoyed.

Keeping the ads away from the content or the information you’re striving to offer your readers will help. Bloggers need to understand, while adverts relevant to user base can help both the reader and the advertiser they also tend to annoy them when you over do it.

Seeing advertisements once in a while is alright but having to see this all the time is pushing it too far.

Frequent Pop-up

Pop-ups are annoying, despite the fact that they convert like crazy. Its alright to show the pop-up to a visitor once in a while, but throwing a pop-up daily and even multiple pop-ups can drive a reader nuts.

You might end up driving the reader away from your blog never to return again. Blog visitors do not have the option to tell you to stop with the pop-ups and using browsers that block popups are the way they handle this. However, advanced plugins like Thrive Leads (aff link) are able to get under those pop-up blockers in the web browsers.

The most important thing here is to configure your pop-up leads generation plugins to not bother your readers too often. And please avoid multiple pop-ups on a single website. These are a big no-no. Remember just because you have the option in the plugin it does not mean you have to use it.

Lack Of Response To Comments

Many blogs on the Internet are really popular receiving an average of 250-500 comments per article. Amidst those comments, are those of the author. A common problem a blog reader faces when they leave a comment on the site is the lack of response from the author. It can be because the author is busy or just does not value your comment enough.

The problem is some visitors need a response or help and the author is not responsive. Sometimes the community helps each other out with answers. But that does not set a very good impression. Readers begin to lose trust and start to believe that you are someone they cannot rely on for support.

The simplest thing a blogger can do to help resolve this problem is to respond to comments promptly. If you are not able to do that you can always hire someone to respond to your comments. If neither works for you, close comments on your blog.

Stale Articles

With the internet marketing industry starting to oversaturate, more and more bloggers are creating the same how to articles that every other blogger publishes. Everyone talks about how content is king. While these articles help out the new marketers and bloggers who step up, it also creates a web of duplicate or stale content for the reader.

Did you notice, when you search google for a question you get 10 results and almost all those posts tell you the exact same system or method?

As a reader I do not like and I’m not happy with what bloggers create. It’s for simple reasons like this that I try to create my own article from my own experience. I write about strategies and techniques I’ve tested and tried on this blog or any of my other blogs. Marketers can avoid stale articles by writing from experience, sharing strategies or even taking a perspective on an issue.

Desperate Sign Up Requests

Again this screenshot from a popular blog is just for example purposes and not to call out the blogger. There are two parts to this screenshot (1) The first half shows 4 call to actions (check out the arrows) (2) the second half of the screenshot is a pop-up.

As bloggers and marketers sometimes we push it too far; so far that we start to look spammy.

While this might be okay with me, many readers are likely to find this a big problem. Blog readers love to research topics and educate themselves before making any purchase decision. The problem here is that, marketers start to overwhelm the readers with too many call to actions such that they begin to make wrong decisions that can cost marketers a future client.

If this is the example we set then there is no doubt that people are worried that every marketer on the web is a scamster. My request is for bloggers to take caution and use sign up forms with discretion.

Is there any problem you face as my blog reader? Do let me know and I will do my best to address it.

12 thoughts on “7 Problems Only Your Blog Visitors Will Understand”

  1. Nice one Editorial Staff. I liked the point about the stale content. Internet is full of it and it is very difficult to like it. It is just the same stuff.

    You are absolutely right in saying that personal experience and strategies are more useful to give a better insight and feel different and unique to the readers. I always prefer to share my personal experience with my readers no matter how long or short it makes the article.

    1. Editorial Staff

      Ahmad, Glad that you agree with me on these pointers. Lets write articles that are useful make the blogosphere a better place one article at a time.

  2. I love your posts, I always find them so helpful! These are great tips to be aware of… I wasn’t aware that you can speed up your blog speed- great to know! Pinning for a time this becomes an issue!

    1. Editorial Staff

      Hey Chantal,

      Thanks for your kind words and I’m glad that you find use in my articles. If there something I can do to help you become a better blogger do let me know and I’d be happy to help you out.

  3. David Hartshorne

    Hi Editorial Staff,

    I can resonate with all these 7 points; I’ve witnessed them too. And perhaps on some occasions I’ve been guilty of them? I think there is always going to be an overlap in content on the Internet, but the important thing is to make your content unique: use your own voice and style and experience to share your take on a topic.

    Keep up the good work here – its always a pleasure to read!
    – David

    1. Editorial Staff

      David, Glad that we are both on the same page. I know we might have said these enough times to several of our friends and other bloggers too. I believe that one cannot say it enough and there are always new bloggers who have no clue about these things.

  4. millo lailang

    Hello Brokeblog,
    That was a very nice and informative post. Congrats.
    I agree with the stale contents and the annoying desperate popups and ads. I’m always annoyed when I search for something on google. Really, this topic caught my eye especially. Many times, I never see the actual thing I’m searching for. Instead I see all the misuse of seo resulting in a great showcase of the same useless contents for one or two pages on google.
    And by the is the last screenshot of quicksprout? It looks a lot familiar to me 😀
    One thing I’ve noticed on your blog though is that you never reply to comments yourself 😀

    1. Editorial Staff

      Hey Millo,

      I do reply to comments, just have a longer wait time before I get to the comments part. You will find my responses at least one or two weeks delayed. There are just so many blog out there that are doing borderline spam work. Its good for us bloggers to keep our blogs clean and protect our reputation.

  5. Good points made here. I’m not happy with our pop up on mobile site. Need to search for a better option.

    FB question – why does FB not recognise many business pages. I fail to tag many partnerships because FB doesn’t find them regardless of me liking the page (and checking it definitely exists!)

    1. Editorial Staff

      Gemma, I’m not sure what you mean by facebook not recognizing your page. Can you please elaborate? Thanks for leaving your comment here.

  6. Hi Broke, I would say slow loading websites is a biggie as well as text that is too small or hard to read. I like to be able to read and / or scan quickly when I land at a post. Having images to break up the text is great too.
    I think if you give people too many choices like your last example they will get overwhelmed and do nothing. Give them one clear choice is best.

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