15 Essential Frugal Living Tips

Living in the 21st century, we take some technology and luxuries of life for granted. But when the finances are limited and we really need to save up as much as possible, being a cheapskate is the way to go. As the saying goes, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” So why not save some money by cutting down on some luxuries of life, and rather saving that up? Let’s check out a list of easy to achieve frugal living tips for you.

#1. Use the old “drying on a line” instead of dryer.

Drying on a line is the age-old way of drying clothes. Most people use dryers these days, of course. But if you give up on dryers and start drying on a line, you can save in excess of $100 a year. For those living in an apartment, hang the clothes on a line inside the apartment – just make sure to remove them before bringing in any guests!

#2. Do the dishes by hand.

Doing the dishes may be more laborious than just using the dishwasher. But it’s much cheaper, specially if you just use one sink-full of water. Get your hands dirty, and save some money.

#3. Avail the public transports.

Those who own a car and use it on a daily basis know how much money you have to spend every day on your gas prices and parking lot charges. To avoid such expenses, avail the public transports like buses and subway. Yes, it can be a little crowded, but you’ll get over it.

#4. Carpool or ride a cycle.

If you are still not convinced about public transports, you can share a carpool with a bunch of trusted people. But if your route is different than your friends’, then just get an inexpensive bicycle. It’s a one-time investment that can help you save thousands in the long run. Besides, you’ll stay healthy too!

#5. Stick close to home while travelling.

You may wish to go overseas or do distant parts of the country, but you must keep the expenses in mind. However, to satiate your inner traveler, we suggest that you go on trips within your state, where expenses will be lower for you. Better still, plan trips that just take a day, so that you can come home at night and spare the hotel expenses.

#6. Use coupons!

TV shows often show how miserly people use coupons all the time. In reality, coupons are actually quite helpful for frugal living. Learning about coupons and how to use them won’t take you much time, so do so now and use coupons the next time you go grocery shopping.

#7. Did you consider getting a roommate?

If you live alone in your apartment or house, you must be paying a huge rent all by yourself. Why don’t you get a roommate? That way, you can split the rent and the utility bills like electricity, gas, water, etc. Bonus point: you can make a new friend out of your roomie.

#8. Buy from the local thrift shops.

Of course we don’t want second-hand products. But when your finances are tight, you might have to rethink your stance on second-hand clothes or furnitures. So go to the nearby thrift shop and buy what you need. If your thrift shop offers 50% sales on particular days, be the first to know about it, and take advantage of that.

#9. Use vinegar as a cleaner.

Vinegar is not only for cooking purposes; it can also be used for cleaning just about anything. So spare yourself the expenses of buying expensive cleaning products. Rather, mix some vinegar with water and start scrapping – stains will vanish so easily, you’ll be awed.

#10. Hone up your cooking skills.

Many of us have to eat outside, at least during the daytime. However, that snatches a lot of money from you every month. So start cooking more at home. In case you are not that good a cook, get some help from the internet, and hone your cooking skills in the process. Pack yourself a lunch every day to save money, and stay away from restaurants.

#11. Rent a movie with your friends.

Planning to go out with your friends for a movie? That will cost you way too much. Instead, stay indoors and rent a movie with your friends. You can split the rent too. That way, you get entertained and hang out with friends, but for really low expenses. Who says you can’t have fun while leading a frugal life?

#12. Cut down on your internet usage.

In order to save money, cut down on your internet usage. You can migrate to a plan that charges you less, if need be. We would suggest disconnecting internet from your home, but we do know that it would be difficult for you, specially in emergency cases in the middle of the night. But yes, it is very much possible to use less internet from your phone or home. Instead use public or office Wi-Fi whenever possible.

#13. For gifts, DIY.

Be it a birthday or anything else, while gifting something to a loved one, make the gift yourself. Even if you aren’t all that crafty, there are lots of DIY gift idea resources on the internet, so take your pick. Moreover, the fact that you took some time and effort to make a gift makes it all that special, and will definitely be appreciated.

#14. Unplug electronics before leaving home.

Some electronics, if not unplugged, can raise your electricity bills. Cut down on those by unplugging them completely before leaving home.

#15. Quit smoking and drinking.

Smoking and drinking, though very common, are both expensive habits. Quitting them will help you save quite a substantial amount of money. Yes it is easier said than done, but it is possible, so just do it.

When your personal finances are stressed, it is important that you save. In order to do that, frugal living is a necessity. So comply by the tips given above, and help yourself gain back financial stability by saving money.

5 thoughts on “15 Essential Frugal Living Tips”

  1. Hi Editorial Staff,

    It’s interesting to know your blog and it seems like we share the same goal: to earn extra money to pay the debt.

    I expect the same amount $1,000 to pay for mortgage. Today I live with a very limit budget. I hope online business will give me more opportunity to generate extra income. I think I would need to learn a lot from you.

    Thank for the tips. I tracked down all my expenses and need to think twice before I buy anything for myself.

    I don’t smoke and drink once per week with friends.

    1. Hello Leon,

      It good to meet like minded folks. Yes, I’ve been struggling for quite some time now and its time I turned around and started taking control and achieving beyond what I’m destined too. I’m glad that you like my tips and I wish you all the luck to reach your goal and success.

    1. Hey Jenn,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad that you agree with my tips and I hope you find something useful in the article.

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