4 Must Use Facebook Features to Maximize ROI

You may not believe me, but I have news about Facebook: Good news, and better news.

The good news being there are 5 interesting features of Facebook that are often ignored and I’m going to tell you how to make the most of it.

The better news is that you can make a ton of cash money from Facebook sponsored ads program if you use it right.

We’ve all struggled to increase traffic, and every wannabe guru has a bag of tricks they’re eager to sell you.

I don’t blame them, they are just trying to make a living. But, I believe that its much better if you can give them something that actually works.

It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen. I was belly full after a heavy meal and decided to look up whats going on with my friends on Facebook, when I noticed something that I’ve never noticed before.

I realized there is much more to Facebook than meets the eye. I figured out 5 features all complimenting Facebook ads functionality. Lets take a closer look as I share the good and the better news about each of the awesome features.

Boost Post

The good news

This feature allows you to boost your posts on Facebook as the title suggests. This is nothing but Facebook ads but displayed just within the news-feed of your target audience. With the exception, you can boost any post you create on your Facebook Page, including status updates, photos, videos and offers.

Boosted posts appear higher in News Feed, so there’s a better chance your desired target audience for the posts will see them. Boosted posts are labeled Sponsored.

The better news

When you notice specific posts performing well, boost it. This just adds to the mix and magnifies your post reach. There are times, when we put up posts with affiliate URLs that will help in a way to increase your affiliate sales as well.

Overall, we are looking at a good CTR and targeted Facebook traffic. There is even a good chance that you might get some good fan following from such boosts.

Facebook Offers

The good news

Offers are discounts and promotions you create from your Page. Set up an offer that can be redeemed in your store, online or both. Offers will be displayed only to your Facebook fans or people who like your page. For this system to be effective you first need to grow a healthy following. You can use the Facebook ads to do that.

When offers are claimed by the people who like your Page, their friends may see it as a story in their news feeds but not claim the offer.

The better news

If you already have a healthy following on your Facebook fan pages then you can use your affiliate product promotions here to sell to your following. This works best if you can make discounts substantial i.e. offers with free items (ex: buy two, get one free) or with discounts of at least 20% off will reach more people than offers of lesser value.

In addition to that by setting a reasonable expiration date you are telling your fans that this is a limited period offer. Give your fans a few days to see and claim an offer, and allow time for your offer to be shared among friends on Facebook.

Facebook Ads (Rotating)

The good news

Facebook ads, we all know and yet we never use it. Facebook ads are a great way to grow your fan following. I invested around $100 and about a month and a half to grow the fan page of my clothing start up to about 2000+ fans. Now these are people who are interested in clothing and interested in purchasing online.

Facebook Ads works great when you add different banners and call-t0-action. What Facebook does is, they rotate the ads to test what combination works best to get you the highest conversions possible.

The better news

It does not get better than this. Targeted following that you can sell to at any point. If you use Google Adwords there is a good chance you will never get to retain the customer. But, with Facebook ads there is a good chance that they would remain a fan for a long time depending on the quality of material you share.

Call-to-Action Button

The good news

Facebook recently opened up the call-to-action button right next to the like button on Facebook pages. You can use this functionality to drive people from Facebook to take actions that are important to your business (ex: booking appointments at your event).

You can add a call-to-action to your Page at no cost, yes its absolutely FREE. Keep in mind that not everyone has this feature yet.

The better news

You have the option to enter a destination URL directing your readers to either contact you, book an appointment, shop, use the app, play a game, or simply watch a video. Keep this one a secret Ssshhh (you can add your affiliate URL too). This can do wonders for businesses and consulting agents. Once you try this you will never go to using tabs.

call to action button

Now that I’ve shown you these Facebook features will you go login to your Facebook account and test these techniques?

Did you just say you already have? What was the results like? Comment and let me know.

3 thoughts on “4 Must Use Facebook Features to Maximize ROI”

  1. Nijanthan Vijayakumar


    I have a Facebook fan page for my blog: Incisive Radar and that particular page is not displaying the CALL-TO-ACTION button yet. I have another Facebook fan page for my other blog and that has the CALL-TO-ACTION button. Is there a solution for this problem?

    Meanwhile, I have used the aforementioned functionality BOOST POST just for a day. I paid ₹310 for boosting a particular post about Ubuntu and my Facebook fan page got nearly 70 likes and the post reach was about 4000.

    1. There is no problem Nijanthan. Facebook is doing a controlled roll out. You will soon see the option, all you have to d is be patient. About the Facebook boost feature, that awesome that you were able to get both reach and grow your fan base.

  2. These most definitely are some great features of Facebook. They are all great way to get fans and or sell your product and service.

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