How to Use Slideshare To Generate Over 100,000 Visitors

The number 100,000 holds a very special place in the heart of people in charge of running websites. This is because, if you own a website, the one of the first objectives or goals that you set for yourself is reaching the 100,000th visitor mark.

Reaching that number gives you a sense of satisfaction like no other and allows you to take pride in the fact that your business is now capable of generating huge volumes of traffic. If you want the website of your business to benefit your enterprise, your sole mission should be to get as many people interested and invested in your website as you possibly can.

Untapped Gold Mines

Generating 100,000 visitors is certainly no easy task and is not one that can be accomplished overnight. However, you can make the difference between waiting for years to reach that number and waiting for a couple of months or few before your visitor count far exceeds 100,000.

As a matter of fact, there are a number of ways in which you can facilitate the rapid increase in the influx of visitors to your website. The problem with having a large variety to choose from is that we usually end up selecting the wrong and mediocre options for ourselves. Indeed, the best cost free techniques to generate huge traffic are left untouched, ignored and sometimes unknown.

Ignorance Towards SlideShare

A prime example of the ignorance of web marketers towards clever and cost effective traffic generating techniques is the lack of attention paid to SlideShare. A lot of the people who are in charge of running websites belonging to various business entities have failed to capitalize on the use of SlideShare.

SlideShare can be a highly influential tool when it comes to capturing the attention of the crowd and leading them towards your website. As mentioned before, SlideShare is completely free to use, and therefore it would be quite foolish for anyone to miss out on the opportunity of increasing web traffic by making the best use of SlideShare.

Lack of Understanding of SlideShare

SlideShare is not properly understood by the general masses. To clear the confusions, SlidShare is in essence a social media website, quite unlike Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It differs from mainstream social media not as much in its operation as it does in its use.

People simply do not see SlideShare in the same light as they see Facebook and Twitter. Those who are not familiar with SlideShare may jump to the conclusion that this social media site has limited functions and restricted features. This is not true. As a matter of fact, SlideShare allows people to go a step further and exchange presentations that they created along with regular text messages.

Why is it important to share presentations?

Are they not better left off in pen drives and hard disks? Well, presentations have been a very important form of expression for people whether it isfor business purposes or personal reasons. Presentations have been in use for a good number of years, and with more advanced technology being incorporated into presentations, it seems quite likely that presentations are here for the long haul.

How SlideShare Increases Visitors

The basic idea of SlideShare is to give people an opportunity to upload and share their meticulously crafted informative, entertaining and often times hilarious presentations with others. If your presentation has the X-factor and appeals to the general audience, then chances are that it will be viewed by millions of people on the internet through SlideShare.

With high quality and in demand presentations in your possession, you can easily drive traffic to your website and go higher up the rankings in Google’s list of useful websites. Presentations are after all considered to part of the content in content marketing, and the better the presentations are, the higher is the chance of a website being marketable.

In a nutshell, high quality presentations posted on your website results in high quantities of traffic to your website. It is a fairly simple equation that should not puzzle you.

Tips and Tricks to Drive Traffic to Your Website

If you are looking for specific ways to convert the hard work you have put into a presentation into gold for your website, then take heed of the follow 5 pieces of advice.

1) Upload Presentations of the Highest Quality

Everyone with a commendable job in the corporate world knows how to make presentations, and you can bet that they are working on one right now. With so many presentations being created every single day, you need to stand out from the crowd by uploading presentations that reflect the best of your abilities. Give your SlideShare followers nothing but the absolute best, and they will be charmed by your extraordinary skills .

2) Simplified Structure and Concise Points

If you want more people to visit your website, then you need to come up with material that will be easily understood by these people. One of the cardinal sins of SlideShare is coming up with presentations slides that have an over complicated structure. Keep the fanciness aside for a while and resort to concise points in plain, simple and if needed, informal language.

3) Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords can work wonders with your SlideShare presentations. This is because SlideShare is a very high ranking website. With long tail keywords in place, Google will direct more online users towards your website.

4) Include URL of Your Website

Your purpose of formulating an entire presentation on SlideShare is to get more people flocking to your website. Therefore, it is imperative that you include the URL of your website. Make sure that the URL appears naturally and does not look like a coerced inclusion.

5) Promote the Presentation

Regardless of the quality of your presentation, the lack of promotion of your material will not see a rise in the number of visitors, let alone crossing the 100,000 mark. The idea behind promoting your work on other social media sites such as Facbook and Twitter is to stir up a buzz for your presentation and the website that it represents.

7 thoughts on “How to Use Slideshare To Generate Over 100,000 Visitors”

  1. Hi Editorial Staff,
    Do you do your slideshare presentations in Microsoft to get the URL of your site linked up to it or do you use Haiku Deck?

  2. Hi Editorial Staff. I needed this little kick in the hiney on Slideshare. I have posted some things there, but not consistently. I know I need to do better. Sometimes all the social media sites can be overwhelming.

    My best takeaway was promoting your presentation. I’ve kind of put them up and run away. I have been looking at others’ presentations and am learning ways that I can do better.

    Thanks so much for sharing this information.

    All the best,

    1. Leslie, I’ve gotten a bit lazy as well. I’ve done some work for another blog that I own and slideshare does bring value in terms of link juice and also some decent traffic. This works wonders if you can get some solid slide shares posted. I hope you find the tips in this article useful in your next effort.

      1. Yessiree, I do. My ideal would be to create an article, PowerPoint, podcast and video at the same time. It’s not quite happening yet, but that’s the goal. 🙂

  3. Yep slideshare can definitely generate more than 100k visitors and people would prefer visualisation than content with words alone. With bullet points, short sentences and meaningful are great for saving readers time.

    1. You said is Ferb. Glad that you stopped by and shared your views. Do visit more often for some good reads on marketing.

      Editorial Staff

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