How To Write A High Quality About Page

One of the most frequented pages on a blog is the about page. Wonder why its so popular? Its simply because everyone who visits for the first time wants to know who is it that writes such amazing and useful content. And those who are regular readers want to see what has changed and how you are making a difference.

This is an important reason why you should be focusing on both about yourself and your audience. This way the readers know something about you and learn to build trust and also get to know what they can expect from you blog in the future and if its the right fit for them.

I’ve reworked my about page about 7 times already, adding videos, infographics, images, quotes and so on. Right now I’m trying something that is more simple yet captivating and delivers the message like I want it to. If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, then head over to my about page now and let me know what you think, what could I have done better, what else would you like to see in an about page? Share your thoughts as comments and I will make an honest effort to better my about page.

From extensive research and experience I’ve been able to narrow down to the bare essentials that make a good landing page. Follow through and cross check these pointers with your about page to see if you are up to standards.

The about page should answer the following:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • When did you start doing what you’re doing?
  • Where are you?
  • How are you accomplishing what you claim to do?

About Page Is A Landing Page

Think of your about page as a landing page. Why? Because thousands if not more land on the about page to know who is behind the blog and what is their purpose. It is for this reason that I’ve listed the simple five pointers above so that readers can get all the information they need from one page.

Landing pages are convincing and are usually built to convert. With this in mind, write the about page in a way that readers are intrigued and are left wanting to know more. With this this add a simple call to action and an option form so that readers can take action immediately. Social Triggers once pointed out that the about page was a high converting page and fellow bloggers and marketers needed to add an option form to it.

While I don’t really expect massive conversion here, if your about copy is good enough you can capture a few leads here with ease. To sum up, think of your about page as a landing page and not just a regular page, provide enough information to convince and convert.

Tell Your story

I often reader my fellow bloggers saying that the about page is not about you, its about the audience. I disagree. The about page is titled aptly “About Us” because it is about you and not your audience. With that said, I should emphasize that there is more to an about page than yourself.

Your readers want to hear your story, why you got started, what worked and what didn’t and what are you trying to do and how you plan on making a difference in others lives. While you tell your story on the about page, remember the readers need to get something out of it.

Every now and then tell your readers what they would get out of your blog – like what’s in store for readers who subscribe, for readers who comment and share. When you begin to engage your reader you will find that the about page becomes more than just an about page, it becomes the source for engaging your readers, a place that you least expected to have a conversation with readers and customers.

A Section About Your Audience

I like to dedicate a section to my readers. When I do this, I get readers to pay close attention to what I’m saying as it is no longer about me and more about what readers can get out of the blog. I write about online marketing strategies that work and don’t work, so readers know where to spend time and where not to.

When readers know that they are going to get actionable insights from my blog, they soon sign up for updates. And I present them with goodies that they didn’t expect. The point being is that you need to treat your customers like king here and tell them why they need to visit regularly. What they can get out of the blog and the information you share.

Its important that you educate your readers that reading a blog regularly can help them grow their business or change their lifestyle. The reader might be a blogger or a marketer or a business person or just an individual who is learning from the web. This section on the about page is addressed to them to help gain their trust and loyalty.

Get Creative And Use Different Forms Of Media

At one point, on the about page of my blog I had so many different types of media. I had an infographic, a video some inspiring quotes and even some images of my brand. They all worked well for me, however having too many of these can be distracting the reader from your objective.

Bloggers like Ramsay use videos on their about page and it helps increase the time on site and engages the readers. My suggestion on this page is to use a video or an audio recording so that you can get your readers to stay longer and it also offers them an easier form of media consumption.

Readers sometimes become listeners while multitasking at other activities. In today’s busy and fast paced world we need to adapt to change and stay with the readers.

Include Contact Details

If there is one thing bloggers and webmaster forget its the contact details on the about page. While we all believe that the contact page is available for contact not everyone visits it. Its important to know that readers like to find information in one place. They need to be able to reach out to the blogger if the need arises without having to search for contact information.

No need to create an elaborate contact section on the about page. Simple things like your social handles and email is a good way for readers to reach out to you and engage.

Do you give your about page enough importance? If not, are you ready to start optimizing your about page right now?

2 thoughts on “How To Write A High Quality About Page”

  1. Donald McLeman

    Hi, what a well thought out post, thank you!

    I didn’t realise the About page was so popular. I have put some thought into mine but I didn’t realise it was so important. I hadn’t thought of it as a landing page or a page for conversions but it makes sense. I don’t have time to make any changes at the moment but you’ve given me ideas that I’d like to try out.

    I can see you’ve put a lot of work into your About page. I particularly like the top 20 list – at some point I might include something like this in my own About page, but I’d probably go for less than 20. There’s a lot to read!

    Surely the most important information on your About page is your name…? 🙂

    1. Editorial Staff

      Thank you for your kind words Donald. Appreciate it. The name is very important, however when you are blogging under an alias, I believe its okay to skip the name.

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