What New Bloggers Can Learn From ProBloggers

When I started blogging back in 2007 there were a handful of bloggers that were popular and referred to for advice. People like Darren Rowse and Brian Clark were on the top of the list of bloggers to learn from. These were the bloggers that I learned the art of blogging from and today I’m in a position where I can make a living of my blogs and online products.

After almost 8 years of blogging I’m proud to call myself a ProBlogger and I hope that someday my readers would look up to me for advice and guidance. There is so much to learn from bloggers who started ahead of time so much so they are the disruptors in the blogging world.

Learning from ProBloggers can teach us humility, determination and inspire us to go beyond what we are all destined for. For me ProBloggers have been the huge influencing factor as I stepped up my game. ProBloggers blog for money on a daily basis they have mastered the art of making money blogging and establishing a viable business model around blogging. The amount we can learn from ProBloggers is endless and if you are able to get them mentors its awesome.

ProBloggers often do not take up new bloggers as apprentice to help and guide them to a profitable income source. But when they do, they all end up with a highly profitable blog. Blogging does take time if you do not have the right tools or the right online marketing strategies. In this article we will take a look at the various things that any new blogger can learn from a Pro.

We will focus on just a handful of key learning points as the list is endless in terms of what one can learn from an expert. I hope that you start following ProBloggers to build your blog. Irrespective of the niche you blog in, you need to know the skills, techniques and strategies to promote your business and ProBlogger will be able to help you with that.

Bloggers Can Earn You Thousands of Dollars

Bloggers like Gretchen are real life examples that bloggers can make money online just by creating niche sites or digital products or just writing articles on their blogs and setting up advertisements. You don’t have to be a rocket scientists or have some fancy ass degree to be able to make money from blogging all it takes is knowledge and interest in a subject and the ability to write.

Bloggers who make money often do is niche markets that are focused at targeted group of people who are looking for solutions to address their daily needs. People are willing to learn, sometimes invest in products and better themselves. There are a large number of bloggers who make tens and thousands of dollars on a monthly basis just from blogging.

And many of these bloggers teach you how to make money just as they do. Remember, not every blogger who makes money from blogging does the same thing. There is always something new you can learn from each ProBlogger. All you have to do is subscribe to their blogs using tools like Feedly and share their content so that they know you value their work.

Blogging Is A Viable Business Model

Pat Flynn has built his authority blog Smart Passive Income and also various niche sites where he shows you how money can be made and shares his income as well and is written proof that money can be made from blogging and its a viable business model. There are new bloggers who constantly keep telling readers that there is no money in blogging. They are so wrong, on a daily basis I come across so many bloggers who make money by writing on their blogs. Its simply amazing to see so many bloggers do well in the field of blogging, it shows that blogging can be a viable business models for others to follow.

Its not always about product creation, or sales and target. Its about setting up a successful business and making a living off of it. The thousands of bloggers who make a living off of their blogs are doing it right and reaping the benefits. As a wise man once said, you will never know the results unless you try them yourself. I for one do not want statistics to define what the outcome of my efforts would be.

Helping Yourself By Helping Others

ProBloggers do it best, they help other people to start blogging and help them make money blogging. The best part of blogging is that you can make money by helping other people, not just set up a blog but assisting is solving a problem or a simple DIY trick.

Blogging has been there for a long time, but its not been that long till we began helping people and in the process making money. There is always some satisfaction when you make money by helping others make a decision or solve an issue. Blogging does that for you. Even if you are abel to help out one person with something then you are doing a good thing. You will eventually see the money come in.

Consistency And Uniqueness Always Pays Off

You will never find two bloggers alike even though all ProBloggers are making a living of blogging. You might even find them in the same niche, but what they deliver to make that money will be both consistent and unique. ProBloggers show us how anyone who can be consistent and find a unique way to convey their messages to their readers can succeed in blogging.

Often uniqueness is not tolerated in the corporate world. Management expects everyone to perform the same way with pretty much the same results. What they miss out is development and growth, these days you can see startups innovate when large corporations are not able to do anything new.

This is simply because of the reason they abandon uniqueness for consistency which again is not a good thing. To be a ProBlogger you need to be both consistent and also unique to the industry such that readers will want to follow and learn from you. ProBloggers are proof that you need your opinion and views and you simply cannot copy another Pro.

Blogging Can Make You Popular

Come on guys, now don’t tell me that you want to remain anonymous. Everyone loves a bit of attention and blogging can make you popular. Think of all those bloggers whom you know across the globe they are famous. If you don’t know any bloggers, then you will soon start to know many as you start to blog. You will realize some names are more synonymous to blogging than many other.

There are bloggers who have built a name for the niche they are in. Some have even established authority and are often called in for consultations by large companies. Blogging can do wonders for a common man, it can take you from a nobody to someone who can pay off their loans, find new business opportunities and network with people across the globe.

What are you waiting for? Start blogging now and skyrocket into stardom.

Seriously. Start a Blog.

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  1. Editorial Staff, a nice article and it feels like written from the heart. I always enjoy real-life feedback from people who have been through the process and share it with others to grow too.

    I firmly believe that “there is no competition, be creative and there is enough in the universe that everyone can succeed”.

    A nice article and an enjoyable read. I keep looking at the pro-bloggers as I am only 18 months old in this game. I already enjoy reading at your blog. Keep giving us nice articles with real-life opinion and feeedback. Sharing with my community as well.

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