5 Mistakes Bloggers Make Resulting in Bad User Experience

It was about three in the evening, when I finished my daily work routine and started my browsing journey starting with Twitter, my favorite social networking tool.

I engage with my readers and customers on Twitter a lot when compared to any social network out there.

I love to talk to readers without being cluttered with information. As you know I subscribe to blogs as well and came across this awesome post titled …ha who remembers it now, its been a week now. But anyway, it was a good titled post.

I was so intrigued that I clicked on the title and got to the blog.

Wow, it was one hell of a mess, who am I kidding the blog was okay but not very good.

It was the blog post from someone I knew who delivered quality content (not mentioning the blog or the author). However, if you visited the blog, you would never say so.

There were a few good lessons that I learned from the blog and knew I should avoid. If you want to run a successful blog here are a few things I learned from visiting that blog, that resulted in a bad user experience.

As a matter of fact this also in a great way contributes to your blog bounce rate. If you are someone who is looking to keep his or her blog bounce rate in check then make sure you offer a much better blog experience.

Advertisements Everywhere

It was not just the sidebar advertisements, but the content area and every possible white space on the blog was covered with an advertisement or a banner.

The blogger had forgotten to optimize the sidebar and even the content area. There were about 12 125X125 ad slots, 4 300X250 ad slots and 2 in content ad slots 300X250 and even text ads like infolinks.

There was so much advertisement that it was all way too distracting and I couldn’t really focus on the post. It looked like the blogger was carried away with Google telling them that they could add more ads on the blog.

At least if the blogger had avoided the advertisements within the content area, it would have been easier for me to read. Because of so many advertisements the blogger is losing readers daily. I unsubscribed from the blog and even unfanned the Facebook Page.

UnFormatted Content

This blog post need some serious optimization. The blogger completed neglected to optimize the Blog post, there was no headings, no paragraphs, no images or screenshots, no examples nothing.

All that was there was a huge chunk of text that was almost 700 plus words long with all advertisements in between.

I often ask my readers and customers to optimize and format their content well before it goes on the site. There is so much a reader can get from your post. It can either build your personal brand or destroy your reputation.

If you are not able to produce quality content, don’t.

Bad Content to Link Ratio

This is something that I tell my customers and my readers to be careful of. Do not have too many links and very low content.

Today, bloggers in the name of creating list post, simply link to hundreds of sites without actually having content on their blogs, Its important that you maintain a balance between the two.

Sadly I don’t know the exact ratio of content to links that you should have, but I recommend building up your content and links at the same time. If you don’t, your search engine traffic may drop.

Misleading Headline Hooks

Marketers and blogger alike to simply their content creation strategy use canned headlines that they tweak for every post.

This is a bad strategy to follow. Why?

Because, its not always what your content might cover at least not at the level it should be.

I’ve read so many blog posts that I was referred to by Twitter, only to find that the article had nothing to do with the title and was in its entirety misleading.

Once a blogger makes a mistake like that and sets a bad impression, then readers will begin avoiding the blog altogether.

You have just lost your readers trust.

So be very careful as to what title hooks you use and the content.

Zero Branding

Businesses and blog businesses often fail to brand their blogs. Its surprising that the bloggers put in so much effort into creating magnificent content but fail to brand it.

A good logo, clear fonts, banners and photographs will make your site look so neat that even if you have adverts, readers wont really find it distracting.

I often admire quicksprout, problogger for their simplistic yet compelling designs.

So what are you going to do to make your blog reflect your band and memorable? Will I know its your blog or will I unsubscribe?

2 thoughts on “5 Mistakes Bloggers Make Resulting in Bad User Experience”

  1. Sean Leacy (@GeekAthair)

    As a web developer I have a hard time getting in to the content if design is cluttered. I am a firm believer of spotlighting the content rather than the site as a whole. Some of my favorite blogs are pulling colors from a simple pallet and using easy to read fonts with proper margins.

    You’re dead on with the photography comment. It can easily make or break a post.

    1. Sean, good to hear that we are on the same page here. I think bloggers and marketers need to be educated more than what is being done already. I think its the mentors to blame and the type of designs that are being built today. Lets make a chance and make a difference to offer better user experience to our customers.

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