5 Beginner Traffic Generation Tips for Instant Results

Generating traffic to your blog can be challenging and daunting to someone with little or no experience. When I started off blogging, I was taught that it takes four important factors to be successful.

  • To be able to write
  • To be be able to drive web traffic
  • To be able to market
  • To be able to sell

These are not very hard to learn and apply. You should remember that these systems are constantly changing and there are new and innovative ways that we all need to adapt to to be able to stay on top of the game.

You should be open to learn about the new techniques and strategies in the field of Internet Marketing.

Traffic generation being one of the most challenging aspects of internet marketing and is one of the main reasons that millions of bloggers quit.

They are not able to take their blog to the next level, increase traffic, increase leads and grow their revenue.

Traffic = Leads = Sales

This is a very simple rule by which every blogger should run his or her blog.

No matter how good or bad your content is, your primary requirement is to generate traffic, and that traffic will convert to leads or ad clicks and that in turn will convert to sales.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you will understand the importance of sales and leads. If you’re a blogger who’s primary earnings are from advertisements the clicks that your traffic generates would make sense.

At the end of the day your search traffic and social traffic is what determines your potential to earn. If you notice closely, that the more traffic you get the more leads, and the more clicks and the more sales your blog generates.

Evergreen SEO Content

Writing quality articles is a great way to get the readers attention. Blogging has brought about a way for writers to express their expert opinions on topics they love and are passionate about, it’s a great way to educate your readers.

Quality articles alone wont drive traffic to your blog, of course they are going to get you some good backlinks and worthy mentions. But if your going to drive traffic, you better convert those epic blogs posts into epic SEO articles.

This will ensure that Google sends you quality search traffic on regular basis. As a general rule, search traffic converts best as reader are searching for specific information and your articles are spot on to address the readers questions.

Epic Blog Post + SEO = Massive Search Traffic

Authority Social Sharing

Social sharing by itself is great. But what matters the most is when your articles are being tweeted by authoritative figures.

Once you have your article ready and published on your blog. Simply send out an email to some of the top bloggers in the industry or tweet it out to the authority bloggers in your niche and have them take a look and tweet it and share it across their network, if they find it useful.

You will be surprised to see that you will get quite a bit of shares and a decent amount of traffic from those social shares.

There is a good chance that your articles will not get tweeted or shared on other social networks. But if you keep writing awesome articles, you will sure to find bloggers sharing those posts and even linking to them from time to time.

Comment on Top PR Blogs

Many believe that blog commenting is something that you need to do only to build your network or build meaningful relationships.

But blog comments can be more than that, they can be used as a great tool to drive traffic to your blogs.

Being the first to comment on a blog post on a high PR site or an authority site can drive massive traffic to your blog.

If your looking for quality comment traffic, ensure that your leaving your comments on niche relevant sites and not just any top PR site.

If you do that you can get the reader to visit your blog and even get hooked on staying longer than expected.

Blog commenting can also be a great way to build backlinks to your blog if your comments are on sites that use the Commentluv plugin.

Guest Blog on Authority Sites

This technique is the best I’ve seen so far, bloggers from all over the world are able to generate traffic in the thousands just from one single guest post. And in the process build a quality backlink as well.

Copyblogger, Problogger, DailyBlogTips were once some of the top blogs in the industry which guest bloggers loved to write on.

Why? because the traffic and the link quality they generated was simply awesome.

Spread your guest articles on a variety of sites where your target audience lurk such that readers don’t feel that your in their face all the time.

Your articles should seem natural and also engage your audience.

Organic On Page And Off Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the important aspects of traffic generation for blogs and websites. SEO is not becoming any bit easier, because Google keeps changing its algorithm so often that people are getting tired of trying to create new sites and sites that adhere to all those changes.

On-Page SEO tweaks are essential to your blogs organic growth in search as well as to offer an improved user experience.

These days, top design frameworks like StudioPress, Thesis, come with SEO options integrated and the codes well optimized.

Frameworks like these make things easy for you with On-Page SEO coupled with WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast, that is if you’re a WordPress user.

Off Page SEO focuses on external infrequence that you are able to generate for your blog articles. Things like backlinks, social shares and engagement are some of the influential factors.

If your going to get into SEO, do be careful not to get caught up on the various negative tactics and remember its an art is that is ever changing.

4 thoughts on “5 Beginner Traffic Generation Tips for Instant Results”

  1. All the above are actually quite implementable very fast for a newbie, apart from getting top pro bloggers to tweet or share your content & Guest blogging for authority sites!

    those two you can only bet if your content is so super awesome the others are gagging to take it forward and share it as part of their blog as well! Most Newbies just don’t have that type of content! It takes time don’t you think!


    1. Julie, Try this. The next time you write an article try and take a unique perspective to it and show how it make a difference. Its things like this that industry leaders love. Not the same old same old. I’m sure this will generate a lot of traffic for you and any noob blogger.

    1. Hello James, I purely covert marketing strategies on this blog and from time to time interview successful bloggers who have made it big.

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