7 Online Sales Strategies For Bloggers

Leads to Sales to Cash Money. Isn’t that what we all strive to achieve at some point in our lives?

As bloggers we are all proud of the money that we earn from blogging. As a blogger myself, I come across 1000’s of blog articles that focus on marketing and only a handful of blogs that are well known for their sales strategies.
One needs to be successful both at blogging as well as marketing in order to achieve a balance and making a living from blogging.

Marketing gets people to know about you and your product or services. Its your sales process is what that gets the money come in.

In this article I talk about a few simple strategies that I follow and have seen results. While a lot of readers and experts consider these strategies as marketing, I beg to differ. You need build a marketing and sales funnel to drive potential customers to your blog or website and then strategize how you convert those visitors to customers.

Follow Up With Subscribers

List building is a topic every marketer and blogger talks about. As the old saying goes, the money is in the list and bloggers are mad about list building. The point to be taken here is not just list building, its what you do with the list generated.

To be able to convert subscribers on your list to customers you need to follow up with them on business development opportunities. Readers are always intrigued by what each new blogger has to offer to make life easier for his or her following.

Almost all the products I recommend here on Eddie are products I own, use or have tested to share my opinions about. Most the products you can see me use like the speedy Siteground Web Host or the SEO friendly,, blazingly fast SociallyViral Theme. This shows my readers and subscribers that I use the product and I recommend it for a reason.

Drip emails are a great way to convert those leads to sales. All it takes is a valid reason for your subscribers to trust and take action. Share legitimate reasons why you use the product and what it has done for you and how your readers can reap similar benefits. In this effort give them an opportunity to make some money or based on their potential a business opportunity.

Go Where Your Customers Hangout

As everyone knows being where your ideal customers hang out gives you better opportunities to make a sale. Build a persona of your potential customer and a strategic approach as to how you are going to present yourself in the space where your customers are and already trust several established brands.

Come up with a simple growth hack that you believe that your competition has left out. Create a product, give something away valuable for free. Its about creating the WOW factor on first impression.

You do not want your future customers think you are a pushover or someone who is just like every other brand who is desperate to leave their mark in the industry.

The key takeaway of this point is to identify places where your customers hangout, strategize and execute and be consistent and your will start seeing responses from the crowd and soon loyal followers and subscribers.

Strive To Educate Visitors

Most of the readers looking for information or solutions for their problems do not have any idea how to fix the issue. All they do is Google – How to fix {problem}. While this does gives various solutions, most users don’t know what the best solution is and why.

Sometimes its better to do things yourself and solve a problem, sometimes its free and sometime you need to make that purchase to solve a problem. Because doing it yourself is only going to cost you more in the long run. There are some marketers out there who will try to tell you a free option so that in the future they can sell you something of much higher value.

I’m not saying that all marketers are that way, but there are people out there who only want to make money. They do not care about adding value and contributing to the community that helps them have a livelihood.
Educating is not just about how to make money or any other how to article. Its about helping the reader make informed decisions.

Tap Into Your Ideal Customers Want

Building the perfect product is the key to success as an online and offline business. In order to achieve that level of success you cannot simply create a product that you like or think would be awesome.
You need to invest time and money to understand what your ideal customers are looking for. When it comes to online businesses, tools like SEMRush allows you to do in depth analysis of every detail that is required to create the perfect product.

The important thing that you need to focus on is to understand what your customers want or looking for. Is there a problem or a concern they are looking to solve. Is there is a niche area that businesses are not converting and customers need help with.

These things you will be able to figure out by studying various markets and the products that are available in the market. Its all about knowing your future customers that results in creating successful products.

Focus On Integrity

When marketers begin to focus on integrity they will soon find readers and customers begin to trust them and be loyal to them. Back when i started blogging there were several bloggers who falsely claimed their earnings which resulted readers disowning them. Today, one would not even hear their names float in the wind. This is because one customers and loyal readers being to question your credibility then they would abandon you never to trust you ever again.

By focusing on integrity you are being loyal and trusting. Readers will begin to listen to you more than ever before if you can be truthful to them.

There are many times I do not respond to comments and have my readers question me about it. I try to be honest by telling them that I was too lazy or just that I did not have the time to getting to respond to comments.
While these necessarily might not be a good thing for me. I try to be honest and readers always understand and respect bloggers who are genuine.

Create Experiences

In an earlier article I spoke about why bloggers need to stop selling products and start selling experiences. These are the things that delight the customer and have them coming back for more.

When it comes to running a successful business online its about building returning customers. Its about making more and more money from the same customers. As the saying goes, its easier to retain a existing customer than win a new one.
By focusing on customer experience you will end by gaining more and more new customers and this will help you retain your old customers.

One of the best places to start is to get a premium theme and some quality content on your blog. This might be the stepping stones for greater things to come your way. Your first impression needs to be strong and convincing.

Build a Loyalty Program

As mentioned in the previous point its easier to keep an existing customer than get a new one. By creating loyalty programs that both reward and appreciate customers you can keep them from shifting to your competitors as they are both happy and their loyalty is rewarded.

Even large businesses know this and to keep competition at bay they have some of the best loyalty programs. As bloggers and marketers who create some of the best tools on the web, we often neglect this factor. We do not create a loyalty program yet we have over 100,o00 customers that we boast about.

Remember, if you want them customers to stay your customers give them a good reason to.
These are very simple yet effective sales strategies that bloggers, marketers and even SMB neglect and lose valuable customers to their competitors. If you have any good pointers do share it here so others can learn and benefit from it.

2 thoughts on “7 Online Sales Strategies For Bloggers”

  1. Hey!

    I love the part about educating. A great example is CopyBlogger. The team focus on educating and then sell, not otherwise.

    So yes! Always give your best stuffs away for free (first) and followed by the rest.

    Good job! Shared and worth reading 🙂

  2. Hi Editorial Staff,

    You bring out some extremely important details and ideas. I especially agree with going where your customers hang out and educating them.

    I my article today I actually talk about sales and why so many business owners are struggling to generate sales from content marketing and blogging; and internet marketing in general.

    In my opinion it comes down to not knowing what business one is “really” in. It’s more detailed than that of course but the reality is that too many are just throwing “stuff” out there without any knowledge or data to back up their efforts. That’s a losing cause.

    For example, in the beginning you can make some assumptions about your audience and where they hang out at. However, there comes a time when you have to gain access to data that will tell you explicitly who the real audience is and where they can be found.

    I’m surprised after I take a client through their assumptions and then get to the research and data only to discover they their premise is wrong. Their experiences are not necessarily the experiences of the audience and therefore they miss them completely.

    Data informs both marketing and sales and without it it’s like throwing darts blindfold. You might get lucky once in a while but you’ll lose more than you ever gain.

    Great post! I hope you have an incredible week ahead.

    ~ Don Purdum

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