How to Optimize Your Pinterest Page to Get Maximum Results

Pinterest fact: As of Sept 2017, there are over 200 million people looking for ideas on Pinterest EVERY MONTH.

The best part – People on Pinterest are BUYERS. 93% of active Pinterest users said they use Pinterest to plan their shopping and 87% said they have made purchases on the site.

This detailed infographic from Pinterest, in fact, says it all!

Pinterest isn’t just a social media/ search engine for arts & crafts, fashion and food. Niches such as real estate, financial services and Auto are starting to become popular too!

And it isn’t just a platform for women either. Sure, women account for nearly 70% of the Pinterest traffic, but last year alone, there has been a 50% increase in men using Pinterest.

The statistics are a clear indication that if used well, Pinterest can provide a tremendous boost to your business, drive traffic to your website and helped build brand identity and loyalty.

So are you getting the most out of this platform?

If not, then follow these guidelines to optimize your Pinterest page and promote your business the right way.

How to Optimize Your Pinterest Page to Get More Traffic and Sales

Get Your Basics Right

If you already have a Pinterest account, make sure you’ve got all the basics right to impress the heck out of your visitors. Do you have a good profile picture, is your description in the About Section rich, what about your board placement? All of these ingredients can influence your Pinterest success. Let’s take a closer look at these elements:

Your Profile

One of the first things a Pinterest user will check out when he/she lands on your Page is your profile. Don’t ever leave it blank. When you are writing a title, be specific and targeted. If you are a fashion designer, use that term in your title XYZ Studios: Fashion Designing for Women.

When you are writing the description, again, don’t write a generic or namesake description. Craft your description in clear terms telling your readers exactly what value you are offering and how you intend to serve them. Use your top SEO keywords in the description so that it gets indexed in Google and people can find your page quickly when they search using the relevant keywords. Like in the previous example, use Fashion Designing for Women in your description also.

Also include information that will enable users to easily get in touch with you. If your business is location specific, make sure to include your city or office location.

Check out this profile of

Pinterest Optimization - profile

Maintain a Business Account

If you have a website where you make money, then you should get a Pinterest Business account. Setting up a business account or converting a personal account to a business account is easy so make sure you get it done.

A Pinterest Business account offers a number of benefits. You can:

  • Create a professional look by displaying your company name on your profile.
  • Grow your account and drive sales by taking advantage of Pinterest’s marketing content assets.
  • Give your brand a legitimacy by verifying your website and getting a check-mark against your name.
  • Drive traffic and increase brand awareness by conducting contests and giveaways.
  • Improvise your Pinterest strategy using Pinterest Analytics.

Add a Logo

Pinterest lets you upload an image as a logo. If you don’t have one, a default Pin image will show up. A default image leaves a very bad impression in the minds of the user. Plus, it lacks professionalism. So make sure you have a logo that best represents how you want to be seen by your audience.

Usually people tend to engage with a brand when they know a face behind it. If you are a popular blogger or someone offering a professional service, uploading a professional headshot of yourself is a great way of connecting with your audience. Like Melissa from


But if you want to create brand awareness and give off a corporate vibe, upload a professional looking logo. This will give off the impression that your users are engaging with an official brand. Here’s one from the popular home improvement store Lowe’s.

Corporate Logo

Engaging with Boards

Board Placement

Pinterest is not your usual social media channel. It looks different from others and users interact with it quite differently too. In a study conducted by EyeTrackShop  for Mashable, it was found that most Pinterest users shifted their eyes from the top down the middle of the Pinterest page. Usually, readers gaze is focused towards the left-hand side of the page.

That means getting your board placements right is crucial to your page’s success.

If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you place your best, most popular and relevant content at the top and center of the page (on the first 2 rows) to get maximum views. Naturally, this means you need to be constantly rearranging these boards for maximum effect.

Kraft Foods Board

For example, if you have some great content to share with your readers for Valentine’s Day, keep them featured at the top and center during the months of Jan and early February. If you have something awesome to share during Halloween, place them at the front and center during Oct and Nov.

This way, visitors to your profile will always see the most relevant content first. Also, when choosing a cover image, choose one that shows off your board best.

Build Customer Centric Boards

One of the most common mistakes people make when creating boards is to put up a few boards with little or no pins inside them. Any user who stumbles upon this page quickly loses interest because the boards lack completion. Such boards don’t give visitors a sense of your brand identity and worth.

When creating boards, try to aim for more. Let your page have several rows of boards, not just 3 or 4. Also try to create boards that relate to one another and tell a story about your brand. You can think about your ideal customer, their likes and dislikes, hobbies, interests, problems, questions they frequently ask and build your boards around such topics. It never hurts to include boards with inspirational content too!

Try to keep boards as specific as possible. Split generic boards into specific niche-related ideas to give your audience a more specialized and personalized experience.

Make sure that each board has at least 10 pins so that people who visit them will find it worthy to follow them. And titles are important too! You can keep you board titles catchy but make sure to use SEO keywords in them so that they are easily found in Pinterest or in a Google search.

Here’s a good example from

Bob Vila

Don’t Forget Related Niches

While it is good to create boards that your niche specific audience can relate to, don’t forget to include a few boards that are in a related niche. If your business is somewhat related to other popular, trending topics like Food, Design, Art or such, you can create boards on such topics and regularly add pins to them.

You can also create boards about specific themes such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. This will help you draw in a broader audience to your page who will start following you, sharing your valuable content and relating to your brand.

You can also create collaborative boards that lets your followers post photos of their favorite pins. PinGroupie is a nice tool that will help you find and join related boards in your niche. Like this board for mommy bloggers, which displays the rules for participating in the group.

Create or join collaborative boards

Pin to Win

Optimize Your Pins

You optimized your Pinterest profile so that your business page appears higher in the search results. Make sure to apply the same optimization techniques to your pins as well. This will improve your content’s visibility. Make sure to include long-tail keywords in the pin image and description.

Increase Pin Quality

The popularity of your pins and its repin value will determine how often it shows up at the top of the visitor’s feed. Pinterest determines the quality of the pin depending on how many people have hit the Tried It button on your pin and other factors. So in order to increase your pins popularity, you need to check if a few basic elements are in place.

  • Write a compelling SEO rich title to entice people to repin and like.
  • Create irresistible graphics. Use Canva to get the right image size, use lifestyle images or product images in a realistic setting to grab attention. You can also use multiple images in your pin if it suits your niche.
  • Add a description that you want people to use when they repin your pins. Social Warfare is a great WP plugin to do that. Again, make sure to include keywords into this description.
  • Add text overlays to your image to get your point across and drive traffic from Pinterest Lens users.
  • Create list style pins. Their visual appeal and heavy content will grab readers attention and keep them engaged for long. Plus, these sort of pins tend to quickly go viral.
  • Add helpful details to your pins, information like real-time price, availability and where to buy, download links and so on. Using Rich Pins will make this task easy.
  • Add the Save button to your website. Once installed, a clickable Pinterest logo will appear on your website’s images. Visitors can click the logo to save the content straight to their Pinterest boards. You can get the button here.

Here’s an example pin that’s eye catching, informative and branded.

How to Optimize Your Pinterest Page to Get Maximum Results

Pin Consistently

After having done all the hard work in building your Pinterest page, you cannot sit back and consider the job done. You need to pin and pin consistently.

Regularly adding pins to your page adds to its value. It doesn’t take too long to do this and thanks to Pinterest ‘s Smart Feed algorithm, it doesn’t matter what time of day or night you pin. If pinning everyday is difficult, you can use a tools like Buffer, Tailwind or BoardBooster to schedule pins. Tailwind is our favorite since it comes with built-in analytics.

Also, don’t just pin your own content. Promoting only your pins is bad business. If you really want your brand to shine and be talked about, you need to share and curate other people’s content as well. That way your boards will gain plenty of new followers and your pins will go viral.

Pin Popular Content

Remember to pin popular content on to your boards. You can browse the Popular category to find them or simply search using your topic keywords and the post popular ones will show up on top. You can also visit to find popular pins by category.

Also keep track of seasonality and trends and create boards and pin content that everyone is talking about during that time period.

  • Tip: Want to know how many repins a pin has had? Add /activity to the end of the pin URL.

Bottom Line

If you have a Pinterest account and you’re struggling to draw traffic from it, applying these techniques will help you relate to your audience. Consistently pinning and engaging with others will bring more visibility to your brand and in turn attract more followers and repins.

Incorporate these ideas in your Pinterest optimization strategy now and transform your page today.

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