Income Reports And Their Impact On Readers

Over the last two years there are more and more bloggers publishing income reports online. Correct me if I am wrong, I believe that it was Pat Flynn who made the whole income report thing popular in the first place. He is one of the very few bloggers who proudly showcases his earnings every month and year.

It is not easy to make money with a blog and when a blogger is able to achieve that goal they proudly showcase their income reports to their readers. While that is just one side of the story, there are other bloggers like Pradeep from HellBoundBloggers who likes to keep their earnings private and not showcase it to the public.

There are a lot of pro and cons to both these approaches and for today’s article I will focus on what happens when a blogger posts his or her income report online. I’ve even been doing some research and collecting a whole lot of income reports and putting them together on a Pinterest board that you can follow.

How to Use Tailwind to Drive Pinterest Traffic and Sales

Google set out to clean the web with their Panda and Penguin algorithms. The result: thousands of genuine bloggers and businesses were put out of business.

If you are one of those people still struggling to recover your lost organic rankings and are waiting for the next big update from Google, stop bothering.

There are plenty of other strategies that can give you the results you need. One that I’ve started focusing on 2016 is Pinterest marketing.

Facebook and Twitter are undoubtedly are great tools for social marketing, but Pinterest is the platform that has been showing the most active growth. The New York Times reported that Pinterest recently surpassed the 100 MILLION MONTHLY ACTIVE USERS landmark and is continuing to grow at an explosive rate. In an interview with VentureBeat, Pinterest shared some interesting statistics.

– About 70 percent of people visiting Pinterest are not just finding items of interest they are taking action too (save or click-through).

– The number of searches done on Pinterest has also grown 81 percent annually.

– Two-thirds of all content people pin comes from a retail site or blog.

The power of Pinterest is amazing.

ConvertKit Review: The Perfect Email Marketing Software For Bloggers

Are you frustrated with your email marketing software?

I was. For a very long time!

I used Aweber for a year, then it was MailChimp for the next two; I tried my hand at GetResponse and signed up to Benchmark Email and Vertical Response, but all these tools lacked one thing or another.

Aweber did not offer landing pages, MailChimp kept sending me fake subscribers, GetResponse forms kept disappearing on my sidebar, Benchmark opt-ins wouldn’t integrate with my lead-gen plugin Thrive Leads and Vertical Response was missing RSS campaigns. I was THOROUGHLY and UTTERLY frustrated.

I almost gave up on email marketing until I chanced upon ConvertKit, a relatively new email marketing software from designer, author and blogger Nathan Berry. My instant attraction to ConvertKit was that it was designed by a blogger, a person like me who probably went through the same pains any fellow blogger goes through when he’s looking for an ideal marketing solution that fits his needs; a tool easy enough to use, yet powerful, customizable, and affordable.

How Small Blogs Are Making The Blog World A Better Place

I can still remember the time when I started my blog GenuineSEO an SEO blog. It was small like every other blog and focused on a niche topic that were of great interest and bloggers loved my content. I had my blog listed on BuySellAds and AdSense and was making a few hundred dollars each month easy.

As my blog grew I began offering services to my readers and the community at large and the revenue began to increase. And then came a time when I needed to move on and most importantly I needed the money to pay off my bills. I sold my blog on Flippa and then went on to start another blog a few years after.

Today I can say with confidence that anyone can start a blog, grow it and make money blogging. My blog did not grow to a million visitor blog but with a limit to 10,000 visitors. My blog even though was small it generated and provided for me and the family. Don’t give up hope your blog contributes to the blog world a great deal and it does wonders.

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up On Blogging

On a beautiful Friday evening I was sitting on the rooftop gazing at the skies and realized that there was so much more in this world and I am just a speck in it. The earth is a speck in the galaxy, and our solar system in the milky-way and I virtually do not exist when compared to the millions if not billions of stars in the universe.

It was then it gleaned on me that I was worrying myself unnecessarily and getting depressed for no reason. You might not know it, but my 2015 performance was not up to par and I did not meet my goals. I’ve set some pretty high goals for 2016 and have already started to feel the pressure.

I started off with blogging in 2007 and today I’m at the stage where I’ve been creating my own products. Its easy to start a blog, or write a popular blog post and even start to make money with a blog. But with all of this comes a lot of responsibility and unwanted stress.

I love blogging and creating new products, services or solutions. But my anxiety always seems to get the better of me. But on this day something opened my eyes and showed me that I did not have to worry and everything had its purpose and value and my blog was also doing what it was intended to do in the blogosphere.

What Mom Never Told You About Blogging

My mom told me, Eddie – take a look at all those moms who blog they are so organized and plan everything to the detail. Why are you so disorganized. As the saying goes, you mom is never wrong. I took up a planner and began planning my goals and targets for the year 2016.

Things are much organized now and I’m happy that I’m able to free up some time in my schedule to focus on the smaller things that brings happiness to me.

Since my mom was so good at giving advise, I decided to ask her about blogging. I was stumped, there was so much she knew that she never ever told me when I started off 8 years ago. Blogging has been a learning curve for me for almost 8 years and I still learn new things.

Its exciting and fun but the journey to make money with a blog could have been much sooner if I’d known about the various strategies and facts about blogging.

Email Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Its important that you keep your cool with email marketing irrespective of the mistakes you make. If you lose control of what you are doing everything will go haywire. Simply apply the email marketing best practices and keep moving forward. You are bound to make some mistakes and you will learn along the way to overcome them.

What makes you a better email marketer is the ability to take charge and take action.

Every marketing email should have a few essential components and ensuring that your marketing email has them is meeting your goal half way. People make mistakes with email marketing because they are afraid that they do not know enough or they just don’t do enough research on the subject and some times they just don’t have a clue.

Its in times like these that bloggers and email marketers make mistakes that cost them dearly. Mark an old friend made the biggest mistake of not understanding industry best practices before starting his email marketing business.

But by the time he realized what went wrong they had drove his business into the ground. This is why its important that you pay close attention to the email marketing mistakes highlighted in this article.

How To Create A Free Blog On BlogSpot Blogging Platform (Ideal For Personal Blogs)

Blogging is a great way to share information and news on a topic. If you believe that you’ve got something special to share with the world, there’s no better platform to express it than on a blog.

And the good news is that blogging is not just a platform where you can express your passion, its also a fantastic source for making money online.

But before we jump ahead of ourselves, let’s start with the basics. You need 3 essential assets to get started right away – a blogging platform, a web host, and a domain name. Each of these assets will cost you money.

If you’re not ready to commit to a financial investment just yet, don’t worry, you can still set up your blog for free using Google’s free blogging platform Blogger. In this post, I’m going to show you the exact steps you need to follow to start your own blog for free using the Blogger platform.

How To Stay Popular In The Blog World

You can go from a new blog or an silent blog to a popular blog if you put in the right effort. Blogging can work wonders for many, all you have to do is believe and work towards your goals. Building a popular blog is difficult, and maintaining popularity is a totally different thing.

Take bloggers like ProBlogger – Darren Rowse and Pat Flynn. These guys have been in the blog world for a long time and have established themselves as popular bloggers and remained at the top. While there are many other bloggers who during the last few years have popped up and have been very silent or even forgotten in recent times.

Staying popular in the blogging world can be a big challenge unless otherwise you are motivated at what you do. If you are a successful blogger or if you have built successful blogs in the past you will understand what I mean by challenge. This post talks about a few things that focuses on what it takes to keep your blog at the popular spot and keep going.

Why Writing Ain’t As Good As It Used To Be

About a decade ago when blogging was not as big and popular as it is today. Only those who were good at writing got online or someone who had a strong technical background and knowledge of websites were online. Things have changed since the birth of blogging.

Anyone can start a blog with little or no effort and start writing articles good or bad. With blogging you don’t have to be good at writing and you don’t need any license to publish your work online. Writing has lost a lot of its flair, people don’t write as good as it they used to. Not because they have lost their ability to write, but simply because there are other people who have joined the community who are not good at writing.

Writing is losing its quality so much so that search engines like Google look for quality articles to rank and even have it as a criteria for search rankings. Writing does not come easy for everyone but if you can take a little bit of effort to reference a few guides or take up some classes you can soon master the art of writing and get the standards of writing up to where it used to be.