How to Write Compelling Product Reviews that Increase Affiliate Earnings

Doing product reviews on blogs is a big deal these days.

Why, cause most reviewers don’t really have the product on hand when they write the review.

This is a major drawback is because most bloggers don’t really know about the product and are not equipped to write compelling review.

This results in poor quality because all these reviews have is the features, price structure and other basic material that is available on the official product pages.

Product pricing and features are good to know, but readers search for reviews because they are looking for personal experience with the product.

With affiliate marketing growing bigger than ever each year, if bloggers are going to sell anything they need to write some reviews from a user perspective.

The purpose of the review is not to sell, but to tell the readers who the product helped you and how you saved money or how it help your business grow.

Reviewers these days constantly keep pitching the product hoping readers would buy, it might work but it does not help with your reputation.

Once the reader knows that the product is not worth it, he will never again trust your reviews.

And that is something we bloggers never want to happen. We want returning customers.

5 Simple Steps to a Better Product Review

This is a very simply strategy that I follow to do a genuine product review.

I either purchase the product, or at times request the owner for a review copy. Most review copies are functional and can be used on the site as the review is being done free of charge.

Either way, you need to have the product on hand before you do the review, this will give you a lot of insights into how the product really works and what it really does.

While most sales pages talk about what the product does they fail to highlight what problem they solve. Following these simply 5 steps to write a great product review that will help you make some sales and may be some affiliate commission.

Why Should Anyone be Interested In Your Review

Even before you start writing you product review, take some time and ask yourself why would a visitor read my review vs. the thousands of reviews available on the web.

This will help you understand that you need to have authority for your review to matter, and for that you need to personalize your review. The best way to do that is to address the customer problem that the product solves.

And taking a highly structured approach like the approach I highlight in this article will help you get there.

Step#1 – Straight Forward Overview

This is the first and the most important part of any product review is to have a very straight forward overview.

This overview should give the readers a high-level view of the product and what its all about. Its not about what it would do for the reader but what really the product is all about.

For example, if you take a product that gets you social shares. You overview should tell the readers that the product is based around social media and traffic generation.

By doing this you will let the reader know enough to read further and if the reader is really interested they would progress further.

Step#2 – Talk About the Usability/Readability of the Product

In the second part of the reviews its good to talk about the overall usability/readability of the product. Talk about things like the skills required to use the product if purchased.

Talk about the setting up time and the efforts the user will have to put in before they get started. Talk about security and data protection. May be you can even talk about the support offered and the documentation that is made available to customers.

This will ease the worries of the customer when they purchase the product. Now that you have highlighted the requirements from the user, it makes them even more comfortable that this product is the right one for them.

Step#3 – Show the Readers the Benefits the Product Can Offer

This is the most important part of your product review, the benefits. As part of this section remember to highlight all the benefits that the product would provide the user. Remember not the features that the product is equipped with but the benefits.


Features: Fan forced cooking system, mini turbine, and ring heater element.

Benefits: Reduced cooking time, reduced energy consumption, perfectly even cooking results.

Customer will purchase a product because of what is does for them. Things like saving time, ease of task, save money and so on are most likely to attract readers than features of a product.

Step#4 – Give an Example of the Problem it Solves

This is the part where you hook the reader with your review. Spend some time analyzing and try to understand one problem that the affiliate product solves.

This is important because, now you can focus on the problem and salve it for the reader using the problem. If you are able to solve a problem that is common to users.

This increases the trust factor and the fact that, its easy to use, offers cool benefits and even solves my problem. What else can a customer ask for? This is the thought that would arise on a reader wind when they reach this section your blog.

Step#5 – Tell Them Why You Recommend It

This is where you share your views on why you wish the user purchased the product. This section does not really contain much about the product but more about why you feel that the reader should purchase and use the product.

Its important for the reader to know why your talking so much about the product. Its important you tell them why you recommend the product to them.

Bonus Tip # – Create a Video of You Using The Product

This is a bonus tip for those who are comfortable creating videos. Put up a personalized video of the product being reviewed. If possible try and showcase how the product is solving your problem and how it helps you save money, time or effort.

This will also add value and convince the reader that the product is really worth it.

Interesting Placed to Find Products

There are a wide range of product sections available to you. But being able to find the right one that will make you money is very important. Here are some tips that will help you reach success.

  • Products are available via different networks so don’t be too picky
  • Learn how to affiliate market to make some cash money
  • Best-Selling products are not necessarily the best, to stay focused and choose wisely

Do share your comments, and I would like to know how you do your affiliate product reviews as well.

2 thoughts on “How to Write Compelling Product Reviews that Increase Affiliate Earnings”

  1. I only write about spa treatments that I have actually had. I tell a personal story about my visit. When someone looks at hotel reviews on trip advisor, ones persons version of luxury is vastly different than another’s. This is the same with food. But if someone follows me, they will definitely have an idea of multiple places from me and my level of exceptable. A trusted friend. Travel writers don’t review a spa the same way a spa junkie like myself will review one and it is painfully obvious that they never get spa treatments. People like myself notice. I write for other people just like me.

    1. Erinn, I could not agree more. Review by users and experts in the specific field has a much greater impact that those written by hired writers who cover a varied set.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I hope you found some value in this article.

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