7 Reasons To Start Publishing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn the largest professional network on the web introduced a platform where users can express their opinion, engage and connect with their peers and beyond. Once a closed platform, it is now open to everyone using their network. I’ve been having friends ask me what’s the difference between having your own blog and publishing on LinkedIn.

I decided to tell them a story; a story that will both inspire them and motivate them to start publishing on LinkedIn. For they did not know the power of LinkedIn publisher. Today, I can proudly say that all the friends that I spoke to on that fine friday evening over coffee, all use linkedin publisher and have achieved success. Jessie has landed her dream job, Ben just loves to write on LinkedIn instead of his blog, and Andrea – She teaches me how to master the power of LinkedIn publisher.

I’m happy to share with you today seven reasons that you should start publishing on LinkedIn publisher it is a great place to showcase your expertise.

Engage Your Connections

A good reason to start publishing on LinkedIn is because its the best known way to engage your connections. More than status updates or shared links, users are known to engage in conversations on articles that are written and published via the linkedin publisher. LinkedIn publisher is both free and accessible to every LinkedIn user. Writing an article is as simple as a blog post, add a title, image and content.

In addition to that, you can format the post to your liking including links pointing to external sources. Don’t forget the comment section where your connections and readers can leave feedback and comments. The important aspect of engagement is that you respond to comments and be open to suggestions. I had written an article not long ago on comment engagement that will add value to your engagement efforts.

Increases Reach Of Your Profile

Remember when Google started to give more importance to blogs when compared to static websites. The same principle applies here. A LinkedIn profile is said to get more views if the user regularly publishes using the linkedIn publishing system.

The long form articles serve as a form of SEO for your LinkedIn profile. The more frequent you publish on LinkedIn the better reach your profile gets. The articles act as the driving force for more and more linkedIn users to visit your profile and even connect with you. Sometimes users do more than connect, they convert. I will talk about this in the following section.

These articles that you publish will be shared with all your connections and also depending on how it performs it might even get added to the LinkedIn pulse and drive huge traffic to the article. The more likes and comments the greater the reach, so keep that as the target point when you write.

Establish Yourself As An Authority

Linkedin publishing is a great way to prove yourself and showcase your expertise. The articles that you write will tell your connections and other LinkedIn users that you are an expert in your industry and have a strong command over the subject matter you write about.

Often industry influencers use this system to drive engagement and win gigs for events to speak at or even consulting jobs at high profile companies. The next time you read a LinkedIn article keep in mind to look for subtle pitches directed at companies to hire these experts.

While you might be already an expert or an authority in your industry a LinkedIn post is a great way to let the professional community know that as well. This is mainly because not everyone on LinkedIn are huge fans of various other social networks and blogging.

Attract The Right Connections

If you are someone who is a Chef, looking to win over a healthy following on LinkedIn in the hope of selling the book that you are authoring then writing simple how to articles that young chefs can learn from is a good place to start. What ever industry you are in, write about your specialization and you will soon start to find a healthy following and loyal readers.

Remember to connect and engage with the right type of audience you need to couple your article publishing with other LinkedIn activities like commenting on other posts, joining groups and sharing your opinions on topics that are similar to your.

Helps Land Your Dream Job

The job market is not as easy as it was back in the day. If you think there are more jobs today, you are wrong there are more people than the jobs and the competition is fierce. This is making it challenging for even seasoned professionals to get a job that they dream of.

One of the largest network, I know I say that quite often but LinkedIn has opened up opportunities for professional than ever before. There has never been a system that allows professionals to market themselves and land their dream job.

All the above points lead you to land your dream job, writing expert long form articles, using the right keywords and having the right connections can get you the job you’ve already dreamt of.

Qualify and Generate Leads

There are thousands of marketers and industry leaders who use the LinkedIn publishing platform to qualify readers and direct them to landing pages and generate leads. While this is a good strategy and coupled with a good blog, its an effective system that can even drive sales.

If you are serious about generating leads from LinkedIn give this technique a shot. Join groups that are in your industry, publishing articles on LinkedIn and share them within the group and encourage your community to share their opinion on the article. Soon, you will find growing your list of highly targeted LinkedIn users signing up to your optin. There are several other strategies that help you grow your presence on LinkedIn.

Its The Largest Professional Network

The main reason that you need to start publishing on LinkedIn is because its the largest professional network. Which means you have all those Pro’s in one place and what better opportunity do you need to promote yourself and your business?

Start publishing now and don’t miss out another opportunity.

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  1. Linkedin publishing platform has several advantages over normal blog post. Linkedin articles have more exposure to global audience. We don’t need to promote them. Thanks for sharing this informative piece.

  2. Thanks for this wonderful blogpost, thanks to Linkedin, I have many opportunities to be Link for.

    Very informative blog.

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