5 New Reasons For You To Quit Blogging

Blogging is not for everyone. Bloggers quit everyday, some during their first month of blogging and many during the first year. Even top blogger like John Morrow quit blogging at one point. Achieving success as a blogger is something different from running an online business. There are those who blog out of passion and make a living out of it, and there are those who blog to promote their business online. Blogging is one of the most powerful mediums to market on the web.

Several bloggers have written about quitting blogging or what to do when you think of quitting.

In this article I will focusing on those bloggers who blog out of passion and a few good reason why they need to quit blogging. Quit – a word that no one likes to say. People hate to be branded as one of those individuals who quits. When it comes to blogging it’s sometimes better to call it quits than to waste time and effort.

This article is not a hard and fast rule stating that you have to quit if these points adhere to you. Its just a good reason to focus on things that are much more rewarding. Here are some of the main reasons bloggers continue to quit and many should consider it. May be blogging is just not for you.

Quit Blogging If You Write With Zero Focus

In an earlier post I spoke about doing quarterly site audits where you can various action items to check if you are on track. Sometimes as bloggers we get too anxious and start to go astray and soon find that our blogs do not have a purpose. Its often a good reason to stop blogging because you are simply writing without serving a purpose. If you are the type of blogger who uses blogging as source to let out your emotions or a digital journal then it should be okay to continue.

Blogging without focus is like a ship without a rudder its tossed across the sea hither and thither. This can often lead to depression and loss of hope that you can do any better. Analysing your goals and progress on a regular basis can help you understand and keep your focus in check.

Have Not Made Any Money Over The Last One Year

Are you one of those bloggers who says you blog to make money online, yet have not made a single dime over the last one year? If yes, then its time you quit blogging and picked up a new hobby or a business venture that can drive in more sales and revenue.

There are hundreds and thousands of bloggers who blog with the hopes to make money blogging. Due to unforseen circumstances they are not able to do so. Sometimes its the laziness to go beyond that results in poor output. Blogging takes time and requires a lot of effort to be able to become profitable. If you are not up to it or not able to keep up with the ever changing landscape then its time to call it quits.

Unable To Market Anything

Remember blogging is all about marketing. Not just writing, or selling or making money, its Marketing. If you cannot build, or grow the skill to market other products or your own you should not be blogging. Marketing is a skill that you will learn and develop over a period of time. In order to be successful as a blogger, you need to know the skills involved in marketing yourself as a blogger and also your blog.

You can blog to educate, you can blog to sell none the less you need to market in order for people to know about you and your blog. No one reads a blog that they do not know let alone like it. While some bloggers can afford a marketing agency or a freelancer to do the marketing for them. There are costs associated and if you are willing to manage your ROI then your doing good. If you cant do this its better to quit blogging, right now.

Your Niche Does Not Have Any Potential

Have you ever picked a niche and decided to blog with the hopes of making a lot of money from it and realized that the niche does generate traffic but no one is willing to make any purchases therefore resulting in zero revenue.

Bloggers often make the mistake of choosing niches that are not profitable. You don’t necessarily have to quit blogging just because you chose the wrong niche. You can stop blogging within that niche and pick a more profitable niche to make a healthy passive income. There are always tools like SEMRush (read my review) that gives you insights into various market and competitor information that helps you choose the right niche markets to blog.

Spend Way Too Much Time (Negative ROI)

We all know that blogging need time and effort. However, if your blogging initiative is taking up all of your time and not getting you the revenue you expect out of it, then its time you got back to the drawing board to check what your doing wrong and what is your ROI.

If you find a negative ROI then its better you quit blogging because you are running at a loss. There is no point in investing $1000 just to get $800 back, no one would want to lose $200 just like that for nothing.

Your time, monetary investments and the goals you set to achieve all help you calculate your ROI. If you are not at a profit, then simply quit blogging or find an alternative strategy that gives you a positive return on investment.

8 thoughts on “5 New Reasons For You To Quit Blogging”

  1. James McAllister

    Hi Editorial Staff!

    I agree with all of the points except for the one on making money.

    Perhaps I have a bit of a bias because it took me two years before everything really clicked and I started doing really well, but I think it just comes down to not working hard enough or making a really bad mistake.

    For me, my mistakes revolved around choosing horrible niches. The first blog I created tried to cover the entire technology market, so I was never going to retain an audience. My second blog was on iPhones/iPads and started to do well but I didn’t have a good monetization plan in place.

    Personally I’d actually rephrase it and say if your blog isn’t making money after 4 months (and you’re actually working hard) than figure out what’s going wrong and fix it. If you’re working hard and doing things right, everyone should be making money after 4 months, even in a market as competitive as weight loss or dating.

    Just my thoughts! Have a good one!

  2. Hello mate,

    This is something many come across with and notable one is not making money from the blog.

    I do agree that such bloggers should really quit blogging due to missing on making money but not right now, you can still find out ways and tips from expert bloggers who are making money out of their blogging efforts. All you need to do is give in lots of time before really considering that you’re not up for blogging.

    Give blogging time with focus and diligence, you’ll get to that point for sure!

    Great article! I am happy to share it on my social life! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

  3. I agree if you are not making money then its best you quite and stop wasting time. Blogging is hard work and its a constant thing that you need to do. You are right on those points.

  4. While I enjoyed reading the article above, I am not in total agreement with it. Although blogging may appear to be a solo entrepreneur activity, for many of the pros, it is far from that. Why? Because effective blogging is NOT simply about writing words. It’s about spreading them to all the right online venues. Most of the high-profile bloggers in the world, do not have time to spread their own “gems of wisdom.” Instead, they hire others to spread it for them. Want proof? Visit any online freelancing platform – from Fiverr to Elance to Upwork.

  5. Hi there, up until now this is a far most powerful post about reasons to quit blogging I have read lately. Thank you for sharing. I have been blogging on a small furniture market here in Slovenia and I see so much bloggers married to their on line work and not quiting it even if it doesn’t bring any results for years. I think some time has to be invested, but within a year, one should already find some benefits out of it. Regards, Matija

  6. I will not give up blogging as I enjoy writing, believe I have a flair for it and know there is room for me amongst the millions of bloggers out there.

    1. Editorial Staff

      I am glad you say that. Blogging is great. Its good to see you believing in yourself. Be strong and continue to create valuable content that your readers love. if you need marketing advice you know where to find them.

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