4 Simple Reasons Your Blog Is An SEO Junkyard

SEO is becoming more and more difficult as Google is constantly evolving its algorithm. Weather we like it or not, Google is turning out to be a SEO junkyard. These days we find more SEO stuffed pages that rank on Google than articles that truly contribute to our research or needs.

The days are gone when you can write a quality article and get it ranked on search engines. Now, you need to do SEO with everything you do when it comes to the online world. There are a few search engines who are trying to clean up the web by ranking articles genuinely, but are not gaining enough popularity and momentum.

Did you know that you can optimize your blog for Yahoo and Bing? Do you know about these SEO tips for DuckDuckGo?

Even if the search volume of those search engines are small, we can at least say that we don’t have to convert our blogs and websites into SEO junkyards and maintain brand quality.

There are 4 important things that you can avoid being a SEO Junkyard. The first thing to do is – do a site audit before you begin anything. Once your done that you can begin work on cleaning up your blog. Most often the items covered in the review will help, and at times you need to take those extra steps to clean up your blog.

Lets get the ball rolling and take action to get your site out of the category “SEO Junkyard”.

What Is An SEO Junkyard?

An SEO Junkyard is nothing but a website or a blog that over emphasizes or over does SEO. The focus is so much that it becomes very obvious and readers begin to simply overlook them. Even if these sites rank of the first page of Google, reader’s visit and take no action once they realize where they have landed.

Stuff Your Blog With Keywords

We all know this but we just don’t care about it anymore which often results in getting our sites penalized by Google. Remember those vicious animals that Google releases every once in a while? Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird. They think they can soften the blow the updates deliver by using animal names that are gentle.

Enough said, we need to know our limits and pay attention to what Google says about its updates and ensure that we do not turn our blogs into a junkyard. Its important for us to pay attention to Google updates so that we can make enough money and have a healthy living.

We cannot control Google and what it does, unless there is another search engine big enough to take on Google head on. Using WordPress plugins like SEOPressor (aff link) and Yoast SEO WordPress plugin will give us an idea of the number of times our keywords are being used in the article and we can reduce it to keep it at level with Google’s requirements.

Pay Way Too Less Attention To UX

If you are someone who focuses so much on SEO you ignore your readers wants. You run a blog that provides bad user experience to its readers. To offer good user experience means to provide the user the with a chance to find the content they came looking for. It means keeping the ads to a minimum, the distractions down low and even your content readability to the level even a novice would be able to understand and learn from it.

SEO does that to you. It makes your focus on over 200 factors that Google might consider in ranking your blog that you ruin your blog user experience. It takes close attention and a good plan on how you approach SEO and UX. If you have a plan laid out stick to it. Do not let Google mess up your efforts.

Get out of the Junkyard mode and start focusing on everything on your blog, not just SEO.

Only Write For Search Engines

Writing high quality articles that are long form is the best way to get readers to come to your blog. And, when you begin writing with only the search engine ranking in mind, you tend to lose out on winner readers.

Blogging is about sharing your opinions and knowledge on a subject that you specialize in. Your blog is a journey that you take your readers on and not search engines. While it is important to have search engines in mind while writing when you over do it, you tend to stuff your articles with keywords and different styling that your article starts to look something like a spammy page.

By keeping your readers in mind you will be able to come up with creative writing styles that both your readers and search engines love.

Put your customers first and everything else follows.

Articles Have More Links Than Content

We all know how important interlinking and outbound links within your article is. The problem is when you over do it. Blog articles should not have more than 5 links 2-3 internal links and 2-3 external links. Also keep your links relevant and necessary for readers to navigate to. Using automated linking systems will only create unnecessary links within your article.

Overlinking can also have a negative impact in terms of SEO and also bad user experience. Soon, your customers and readers will start ignoring your links and other call to actions.

By simply focusing on quality content and keeping the links to a minimum, you will be able to achieve results that will help you convert better and grow your business.

If you think there is something that makes a blog or a website an SEO Junkyard, please leave a comment and share your experience.

2 thoughts on “4 Simple Reasons Your Blog Is An SEO Junkyard”

  1. HI Broke, I would add very lengthy articles written today are being done for SEO and not for the readers. Everyone is bragging about 4,000+ word posts that Google loves and the traffic it drives. If it’s done well YES but just for word count – no! I used to feel intimated if I wrote less than 1000 word posts. No more, whatever it takes to share something, teach something or add value to something that’s how long I will now write posts.
    It’s crazy to think that using the keywords so many times on a page would make a difference but Google has been a bit crazy with SEO tactics for years.

    1. Editorial Staff

      Lisa, Thats true, I’m seeing a lot of those super lengthy articles. I truly believe that they do not add any value to the reader. Especially in this fast paced world where we hardly have time for a 1000 word article. I’ve not seen any of those bloggers who do super lengthy posts claim rankings or search traffic. As a reader I do not find them useful.

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