How Guest Blogging Can Help In Social Amplification

It all started over a cup of coffee, when a friend (she) among the few seated around the table asked me; how did you come up the brand for Eddie Gear?.

Sounds catchy, and the logo – Kick-Ass, she said.

With a big grin I began to explain about how I was laid off from a job of 10 years at a leading technology company. Soon, after I left home, I began to think about the possibility of building a global presence for the broke bloke brand.

I’m going to need a strategy and good one too. I started researching the web about various techniques and finally, I came up with my own mix of things.

For a new brand, I needed to start off with REACH, before I moved on to the other stages of the digital marketing strategy.

Social amplification was the best way to get my brand in front of ten’s of thousands of readers world wide. This was not going to be an easy task unless I once up with something that would blow the roof off.

I took something as simple as guest blogging and built my plan from there. I show you how I went from a local brand to a global brand with just two guest articles. This does not stop here as I continue to grow my presence world wide.

I’ve created an infographic explaining whats social amplification and the benefits I’ve received from it. You can find it at the end of the article.

What is Social Amplification?

“Social amplification is the “X” reach that a content, product or brand receives on the social web. Social amplification can be achieved through paid amplification and/or organic amplification (viral).” ~ Eddie Gear

With social media amplification just like any paid marketing you can pick and choose your audience based on interest, location and also focus them based on target keywords.

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Keywords

My social amplification strategy was simple and as a new brand I was willing to take the risk as the investment was not very high. Actually, it was FREE.

To ensure my brand reached the right audience, I wrote down the essentials to achieve maximum social amplification.

Target Audience – Bloggers, email marketers, small and medium businesses, SEO professionals.

Publishing Platform – I simply chose platforms based on the products that I currently use or have tested. Once I got that down, I picked one of the platforms.

Guest Article – First I picked SEMRush, I immediately knew that I need to work on an article that was SEO related so that I can target SEO professionals and SMBs.

Social Amplification Recipe = Guest Article + Keyword + Publishing Platform

Social Amplification

Businesses like SEMRush and GetResponse are well established in their respective space with their own audience and customers. By publishing my guest articles on platforms likes these you have a greater chance of reaching business folks and also a highly targeted audience.I believe that my choices paid off more than I expected.

The Pitch

Believe me or not, I went against every expert advice that’s been offered by the so called guru’s of marketing about how one should make a guest blogging pitch.

I sent out a tweet to the guys at SEMRush and GetResponse and got I got an instant response. This told me one thing, these people mean business and treat people who reach out them with respect.

This got me even more interested in writing for these two Business Blogs. I moved on to the next step, gathered the required guidelines for guest blogging on both these sites and began working on my articles.

SEMRush Guest Post

My first guest post was on SEMRush blog. I had the social metrics that I was able to gather from the web and I was happy enough to go ahead and send them my draft. I made sure that it was a topic that is currently trending, I found that two aspects were in high demand. Growth-hacking and startups.

I was sure that my article would both add value to the community and the SEMRush platform. My first draft of the article was accepted with some minor tweaks and set to publish within a few days. The excitement and anticipation to have your first guest post publishing is phenomenal.

I was not sure what to expect out of this and finally the post was published (February 18, 2015) and a week later I’m writing this post to tell you all about it. The results were way beyond my expectations.

The article was titled “SEO Growth Hacks for Startups” and is now one of the most popular articles on the SEMRush blog.

Targeted Social Reach Of SEMRush

  • Google+ – 5,859 followers
  • Facebook – 35,390 Fans
  • Twitter – 15400 Following
  • Audience – SEO Professionals, Businesses, Bloggers, Marketers
  • Unique Visitors – Unknown

GetResponse Guest Post

Being my second guest post on yet another business blog I was a little bit more confident than before. Again I wrote an article with the target audience in mind. While this article was focused at beginners and intermediaries, it was sure to help everyone in the email marketing community.

This article was published only two days back i.e. () and the results is already amazing. I’ve included an infogr below that displays the metrics highlighting the social amplification of each article.

The article was titled “20 Action Items for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign” and this article continues to receive a lot of social traction and at the current rate it might turn out to be one of the popular articles on the GetResponse blog as well.

Targeted Social Reach Of GetResponse

  • Google+ – 1,253 followers
  • Facebook – 99,855 Fans
  • Twitter – 61600 Following
  • Audience – Email Marketers, Businesses, Bloggers
  • Unique Visitors – Unknown

What Are Your Questions?

I’ve explained in detail how powerful guest blogging + publishing platforms can contribute to social amplification. Now check out the infographic. Your business needs social amplification, hit me up? I’d love to discuss. Leave a comment below, and let’s talk!



4 thoughts on “How Guest Blogging Can Help In Social Amplification”

  1. Nathan Ambrose

    Hi Editorial Staff.

    That was a nice case study of your success. Well done!

    One thing that I need to point out – there is an error in the link to your SEMRush post. I had to edit the URL in the bar manually to reach the page.


    1. Editorial Staff

      Hello Nathan,

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m just exploring guest blogging. There is a long way for me to go. This is just an example of what I can do. If you are someone who is well experienced with guest blogging you can take this to a whole new level. Thanks for point that out Nathan, I’ve taken care of it and the URL works correctly now.

  2. Interesting article.

    Being a blogger, our biggest hurdle is traffic. But once you know the right platform and strategies, getting traffic is not a hard game.

    And you did well with your guest posts.

    I used to do guest posts back in 2012 but now I have stopped as I am more occupied these days.

    These days I am utilizing Facebook Ads boost option to reach more readers, and using catchy headlines to get them on my blog.

    By targeting right audience using FB ads you can get cheapest clicks from any country, which I am doing pretty well.. ha ha..

    I’ll give this a shot by writing article for some good blogs and see if I get good social amplification.

    Thanks for this awesome article.

    1. Editorial Staff

      Kulwant, Thanks for your comment.Yes that’s true. Facebook ads can do wonders for your blog if you know how to target new audience. They do help in amplifying your articles on the social web.

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