How to Build Social Influence on Twitter & Dominate Your Niche

​Influence is everything when it comes to selling. As marketers and bloggers we are expected to hone both the skills of a marketer and a salesman so that we can make money blogging.

The birth of social media has simply made it even more difficult as people on the web pay way less attention than people is real life, unless you have the power of influence over them.

While many have been able to naturally adapt to this change, there is a huge crowd of people who are still struggling with being a social influencer even though they are quite good when they meet people at networking events.

Most of the techniques influencers use to encourage people to take decisions in their favor, work on the web as well; just that you need to pay a little bit more time and effort into each user. In addition if you follow the suggestions in this article, you will e able to master the skill of becoming a social influencer on Twitter.
I give more importance to twitter because, users share a lot more on twitter and engage a lot more than any other social network. Its also one of the most challenging network to become an influencer on as twitter users most often do not see your tweet because of the sheer volume of tweets posted.

Social Influence Definition

Social influence occurs when one’s emotions, opinions, or behaviours are affected by others. Social influence takes many forms and can be seen in conformity, socialization, peer pressure, obedience, leadership, persuasion, sales and marketing. ~ Wikipedia

3 Types of Social Influence

  • Compliance is when people appear to agree with others, but actually keep their dissenting opinions private.
  • Identification is when people are influenced by someone who is liked and respected, such as a famous celebrity.
  • Internalization is when people accept a belief or behaviour and agree both publicly and privately.

How to Become a Social Influence Icon On Twitter

I’ve divided this into two sections. 1. Thumb rule. 2. Strategies. The thumb rule basically covers everything that goes without saying. These things are mandatory if you want to establish authority in your niche on Twitter. As for the second section, I will share with some simple and easy to follow strategies that will help you boost your authority in your niche.

You will soon start finding more people tweeting and re-tweeting your posts and even engaging you on Twitter.

Influencer Thumb Rule

Just as I mentioned in the lines above, I share 3 points here that are a must have if you want to be influential in your niche.

Create Great Content

The word great is often misused and is quite vague. It does not add any specific value or system of measurement to define greatness. When I say great content here all I mean is create content that is error free, that’s both useful and educational to the reader and in some way showcases your expertise.

One commonly used technique by content marketers is to use a case study. Usually this case study is based on a problem they helped solve or a new solution they implemented thus showcasing their skill-set, you get the point right?

There are different ways you can create great content, it does not have to be written text. In this digital ear, apps have made it easy to create different forms of content, images (infographics), videos (youtube & vimeo), Audio Podcasts and more.

Just be sure to choose the right medium which your audience both prefer and use most often.

Give Valuable Information Away – Free

You can do this in different forms, it can be the content you publish on your blog or your podcast. The method that works best is a bundle. Its simply the process of packing your material into a product and giving it away for me.

The fastest way to reach a customer is know to offer him/her a sample or a free product as a compliment. Remember you are trying to establish authority in a niche where people have already made their presence and you are competing with them. What better way to break through the niche market with an awesome new and free product.

Bloggers love to create eBooks and is till date one of the most commonly used bait to lure readers to sign up to their list. As an alternative and a dual booster you can have readers sign up for a newsletter to get exclusive and premium inside info for free. I call it a dual booster because not only are you getting the chance to prove your credibility and expertise in private, but also you are generating leads in the process. Commonly used bait, is an email course and almost always works.

Engage (Take the Time To Know Your Audience)

This does not mean that you pick each and every one of your twitter followers and start engaging with them. But, when you get an opportunity to strike up a conversation don’t ignore it.

Often you share content that’s common between the reader and yourself. At times you even re-share their content and vice versa. Its moments like these that you can chat up and get to know more about them.

This will both grow your network and the follower will get to know much better than just a twitter handle they follow.

Make your interest to be genuine and not just for the sake of engagement or to network. When you genuinely get to know your audience, it also sheds light on the topic areas you can cover in your web publications.

Influencer Strategies

I will share a few of the techniques I follow with my current twitter to grow a following of 2500 within 2 months. Almost 98% of the activities on this account is manual. The ones automated are mostly posting from my Instagram account. I find these strategies to work well for me.

I would love for you to try them out and let me know how they work for you.

Genuinely Credit Fellow Influencers

According to this infographic almost 57% of all tweets include a link and 53% of twitter users retweet others. Every time you choose to tweet someone’s article @mention them so that they know that their article was shared. If possible add a short credit or appreciation for the article.

You can follow this same technique when you are retweeting someone’s article as well. If someone helps you out with information, or shows any form of contribution to your betterment, give them a shoutout on Twitter.

When you share quotes or messaging from an expert in the field, always offer credit to the source and the creator. Most often we ignore or forget to credit the author for their contribution on Twitter because of the sheer volume of tweets.

The opportunities are endless on Twitter, there is always someone new to talk to and share their experiences. As your followers grow you will start to see this increase.

Connect With Upcoming Influencers Like YourSelf

One of the biggest mistakes we make while making an effort to be influential is trying to contact with the most influential people on Twitter. From my experiences these elite folks only talk to the elite and people they know.

Don’t even bother wasting time trying to connect with them. While they might be sharing good information, in terms of engagement and helping hand you wont get any.

Try to connect with people who are young influencers like yourself find a way to mutually hep each other out without conflicts.

The simplest way you can identify fellow inflicters is to use the Klout Score. While this might not be perfect and their support sucks, it still can be used a good benchmark to find people influential in your niche at your level.

Once you have identified them all you got to do is connect, engage and influence.

Answer Questions

This is known and is also one of my favorite way to built trust and credibility on twitter. Social influence is all about the trust and credibility you built with your followers.

People use twitter all the time looking answers and solution to their problems. All you have to do is find the questions in your niche market and give them an answer. Remember to answer only if you know, else skip it. You don’t want to give a wrong answer and make yourself look like a food. You should work to build authority and influence not the other way around.

Here is a simple strategy I follow to find questions on Twitter.

How to find people who are asking questions

I’ve listed down the most commonly used key phrases by Twitter users when they are searching for something.

  • How do I
  • Where do I
  • Where can I find
  • What time is
  • Why does
  • Who is
  • When is
  • What is
  • What can

In the twitter search box simply use the following search query simply replacing the words in quote with the search phrase I’ve listed above.

Search Query

“Where do you find” lang:en ?

Join Twitter Chats

If you are on Twitter and you don’t know about TwitterChats, then I believe you should first take up some beginners course on Twitter or Buy this eBook from John Paul.

Twitter Chats are a great way to showcase what you know and how well you know your subject matter. To start off, join chats as a participant and as you get the hang of things – how they work, to do and not to dos. Move on to the next revel and check with the TwitterChat hosts if you can be a guest on their chats because you have some valuable insights to share on the subject.

Some of the most popular TwitterChats include and are not limited to the following:

  1. #blogchat – Sundays at 9pm ET
  2. #pinchat – Wednesdays at 9pm ET
  3. #smmanners – Tuesdays at 10pm ET
  4. #brandchat – Wednesdays at 11am ET
  5. #linkedinchat – Tuesday at 8pm ET
  6. #socialchat – Mondays at 9pm ET
  7. #smchat – Wednesdays at 1pm ET
  8. #CmgrChat – Wednesdays at 2pm ET
  9. #vcbuzz – Tuesdays at 12:00 pm ET
  10. #semrushchat – Wednesdays at 12:00 pm ET

My favorite of the lot is the #semrushchat I actively participate. Hopefully someday they would have me as a guest when the topic is blogging.

Remember that the strategies and the thumb rule go hand in hand and you will not be successful if you adopt only one part of this post.

“Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.” ~ Bruce Springsteen

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  1. Hey Broke, or Mr. Bloke (which do you prefer?)

    Interesting read. I must admit, I never really thought of using Twitter to answer problems, like you suggested. I like that tip. I’ll have to give it a try.

    I, also, agree with crediting when it’s due. It’s like a “works cited” or bibliography page. If the work belongs to someone else, be sure to credit them.

    Thanks for the info!


    1. Editorial Staff

      Twitter can be more than just a stream of posts or updates. There are people out there who are constantly looking for help or support. As marketers what better way than to help someone or a business do better.

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      Hi Fiona,

      Glad you found this article useful. Do check out my post on TwitterChats, it has received some good feedback and I’m sure you will find some use.

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