7 Squeeze Page Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb

I often come across landing pages either from Twitter or a Facebook Post on my timeline that’s asking me for my name and email.

There is nothing wrong about trying to grow your email list. Setting up landing pages or squeeze pages are vital to your list building success.

However, if you do not do it correctly you might end up looking dumb to the reader and they would move on with a smile on their face.

Its simple mistakes that make you look like an amateur blogger which result in the user NOT signing up to your list.

In order to create a HIGH converting squeeze page its important for you to know about the common mistakes and avoid them.

Before we start to look at the common mistakes lets take a look at some of the basics for all those new bloggers.

What Is A Squeeze Page?

A squeeze page is a landing page designed to capture opt-in email addresses from potential subscribers. The goal of a squeeze page is to convince, or otherwise ”squeeze” a visitor into providing one of their most sought-after and coveted pieces of personal data: the email address.

Common Mistakes With Squeeze Pages

I’ve been testing and reviewing a whole lot of squeeze pages over the last week in addition to visiting a whole lot of squeeze pages from the web and product pages from ClickBank. While most of them were good squeeze pages, there was also a significant portion of pages that was poorly built.

As a result I decided to both take lessons and integrate them into my landing pages and also decided to do a post and share it with my readers so that YOU can test it out for yourself and see the difference.

Use of a Single Optin At The End Of The Page

There are two types of squeeze pages that product owners create. A short page and a long squeeze page. While several bloggers claim that the long pages work, there is also a good number of bloggers who claim that they are able to convert higher with nothing but a call to action and a sign up form.

The biggest problem or mistake I’ve observed over the last week is that most of the long squeeze pages only had the sign up form at the end the of page. And the page was well over 2000 words long.

Sometime all it takes are a few good lines in the copy at the beginning of the page and the reader is sold. He or she does not have to scroll down and read all through to sign up.

The best way to handle this problem with the long copy is that add several optin forms. One at the beginning of the copy, then the middle and the end of the copy. This way you are providing an option to the reader to sign up at various intervals.

Lack of Strong Call To Action

The strength of a squeeze page is all about the call to action and the copy. Most of the time, the copy on a squeeze page is very good. However the lack of a strong or a convincing call to action is what that drives the reader away without signing up to your offer.

As a matter of fact there are squeeze pages that I visited that did not have a call to action at all. Just an optin form. This is one of the biggest reasons you do not convert.

Call to action is nothing but the usage of words in a short phrase that is calling the reader to take action. Here are a few examples that you can use in your squeeze page.

  • Order now and receive a free gift.
  • See it in action.
  • Get it now!
  • Reserve your spot now.
  • Sign up now, while you still can.

Over Use Of Media

Just because rich media works wonders does not mean that you use them all on your squeeze pages. There was this group of pages that I visited that were product sales pages from ClickBank.

Text highlights all over the squeeze page, at least 7 images on average and over 3 videos. I was not sure who the product owner was trying to convince, me or him/herself.

Usage of images and videos are said to boost conversions on squeeze pages. But that does not mean you should use them all in one page.

Its left to your discretion to choose and use media as appropriate.

Two tips that I can offer you is that:

  • Place a video right to the side of your optin form as a Call to Action
  • Use images for proof of Income or Social Authority

Poor Headline Hooks

This is the first thing the reader sees, if its not convincing enough they have already lost interest. DO NOT try and write your average post titles. These are special squeeze pages and you want everything to work right.

The best headline hook I came across is one that follows the template below.


Example: How to increase squeeze page conversion by 200% in under 15 minutes with Thrive Landing Pages

If you haven’t already tried this Headline hook, do give it a shot and let me know the impact it has on your squeeze page.

External Links

A squeeze page is meant to literally squeeze the reader to giving you their email or making the purchase. Avoid adding external links or links to other parts of your blog or website.

The focus of your squeeze page is for readers to get to the page and not out. This is a common mistake I found with bloggers where they usually had the squeeze page build with the template that came with the theme and was not well built.

Resulting is links to other areas of the blog and in some instances where examples were taking the reader to other blogs.

These holes in your squeeze page can impact conversion negatively and drive your numbers down.

NoFollow-NoIndex Squeeze Pages

I must admit that this is a mistake I’ve made and also found others to make as well. These are pages that have little to no content so to avoid Google penalty, I no-index and no-follow. While that might be a good thing and work in my favor with Google.

There is also the negative side to it. You are losing out on organic traffic that is the highest converting visitors. This is also one of those reasons product owners love long copy squeeze pages as they can get it indexed on Google, shared and drive new search traffic regularly.

What are you doing about this? I would like to know and would like to test out your theory as well. Leave a comment and if its worth the try, I will add it to this post.

Poor On-Page SEO

When the squeeze page is not indexed and not followed by Google spiders, then there is no need for on-page SEO. While this might be true, I strongly urge that you optimize the squeeze page. The readers are drawn not just by a copy that is convincing but its essential if you choose to index the page on Google in the future.

Good SEO never hurt anyone, not your readers and not yourself. Always implement best practices with everything you do online, you never know how things might change.

In conclusion, If you are someone who has a good understanding of WordPress or know how you build your own squeeze pages then, you know what to do. However if you are someone who is not tech savvy, I did a little bit of research and testing and found out that Thrive Landing Pages (aff link) is one of the best and cost effective WordPress plugin that helps you to create high quality landing and squeeze pages by dragging and dropping elements in place. You can read more about that in my review here.

14 thoughts on “7 Squeeze Page Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb”

  1. I’ve been looking for the best ways to implement email signup forms in my blog and have to say this is one post that gives me some great ideas, thank you! I especially love the ‘overuse of media’ as there are many sites that take this to the extreme. My motto is always “less is more” when it comes to anything you do. Will definitely use your tips when I finally get that form added.

    1. Editorial Staff

      Megan, I truly believe that any landing page should be tested. One type works for many while the other form works for others. Its good to try out different variations to see what best suites our needs. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hey Editorial Staff,

    I do have to admit that I need to revamp my squeeze page. It sucks right about now LOL.. But this was a great guideline for me to follow. Right now it’s just the squeeze page with some minor details which was a great start at first.

    i was thinking about using Thrive Themes to create my squeeze page but i will take a gander at instabuilder 2.0 to see how it works out!

    Thanks for the share! Have a good one!

    1. Editorial Staff

      Instabuilder is a neat plugin. But for some reason after all the testing I felt it was a bit too pricy.

  3. Hi Editorial Staff.

    First time here. Great site – I really like the design.

    Interesting part about the headline hooks. I’m going to give that a try with those exact elements and see how it performs.

    Sharing this out now.

    1. Editorial Staff

      Hey Richard, Thanks for your comment and kind words. Do let me know how that tweak works for you. I would love to see how the headline hack converts. As a marketer you know that the more people testing out a system gets to confirm and affirm your results.

  4. David Hartshorne

    Hey Editorial Staff,

    You’ve shared some good tips here, especially the headline formula.
    I agree with some of your observations, especially those long boring squeeze pages with all media under the sun thrown in and a dingy little opt-in box at the end. Yawn!

    Sharing out now – have a good weekend!
    – David

    1. Editorial Staff

      Thanks for your kind words David. The headline was something that I did not know until the beginning of the year. Once I learned about it, I tested it and found that when your call to action or hook is time bound readers are bound to take action. Its what gives them the extra push.

    1. Editorial Staff

      Thanks Anton, glad that you find my articles useful. Let me know how the change converts for you. Would love to see how this works out for other bloggers as well.

  5. Wow very helpful post! I am going to make some changes regarding the call to action and try out the headline template! Thanks so much!

  6. Randy Hilarski

    Thank you for the great article. I actually read this over a few times as I was building a landing page. Thank you for the great tips!

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