Structuring Blog Posts in FIVE Simple Steps

Of course, you are here reading this post because you want to write a blog post that people will read.

This is not the only process but there are various other blog structure as well.

However, as a marketing I prefer this flow and have achieved positive results.

What is the purpose behind you writing a blog post?

You want to educate the reader, market a product and may be you want them to buy something that your selling.

You want them to know about product that your promoting, and eventually like and buy.

The primary objective for me to write a blog post is pretty much the same, I want my readers to talk to me about their business and how I can help them make things easier with their blogs.

That is why I even offer consulting services for blog optimization.

Title – Hook & Bait the Reader

The first step is to get the readers to visit your post, without that they cannot really read your post, can they?

So, we focus on what gets their attention the post, Yes the post title.

To come up with a post title can be quite tricky as you as a blogger or a business need to ensure that you write a blog post title with a hook and a bait.

Writing clever titles, titles that are problem solving in nature, tutorials, guides are a great way to get people to visit your post in the first place.

This works like a charm because there are millions of readers browsing the web, the either learn something new or figure out something.

So why wait, start writing post titles that are interesting and will make readers visit, you can always write the post later.

Start With A Rhetorical Question

This is a little bit more difficult part at least for me.

It entirely depends on the type of blog post your writing.

Its not very easy to talk about a topic, so interesting that you can question the reader about their views.

It takes a lot of skill and effort.

When your good at writing and writing for long this will come naturally to you.

The best trick to get this to work for you is to not do it often but rarely enough that the readers are hooked on to your post.

Its all about how you get the reader engaged in the post that they want to know what you have to say.

What other better way to ask a question that the reader doubt’s or is eager.

Shed Some Light on the Subject

Now that you have got an awesome blog post title and also some introductory content with a engaging question in it.

Its time to start talking about the subject matter the post is about.

This helps the reader to understand that you are really knowledgeable about what your talking about.

This also tells the reader the information that you want to share.

Often pictorial representations or usage of images can help boost the value of the post as long as they add value to the content.

Present a Problem

By now your half way into your post and its time to present a problem related to your content.

Actually your content is revolved around solving that exact problem itself.

Presenting a problem, gets the readers even more engaged with your content, as they now want to know how your addressing the problem.

By this time in the post the customer or reader is so far through it does not matter anymore but to know the rest of the post.

But what is important here is how to address the rest of the post such that they will want come back again and read the rest of your blog posts, or even subscribe to your blog.

This is a great way to increase your blog subscription rate.

Provide a Solution

Now its time to offer a solution to the problem you presented to the reader earlier.

It should be captivating.

The reader will be so surprised that they had never thought about addressing an issue this way.

They would so fall in love with your blog post that they will become a regular reader.

Package the deal such that you can even sneak in a good affiliate deal and make a quick commission.

Your Reader is at the End of the Post

Alright, you have done a wonderful job, of course the post ended with the solution.

You can always ask the reader another engaging question, but that would only be necessary if want them to share their view or comment or share your post with others.

Our focus was to make the reader read through the blog post.

Now that you learned how to get your readers to read your blog post, I am sure that you will be experimenting on some innovative ay of presenting content.

2 thoughts on “Structuring Blog Posts in FIVE Simple Steps”

  1. I love this, you’ve made it so simple to follow. I’d add putting a strong call to action at the end of your posts. It could just be something asking for comments or a banner style ad to tell people what you want them to do next/buy next etc. I find the banners really effective on my blog.

    1. Hey Amanda,

      I’m quite late to respond to your comment but better late than never. Thats a nice tip to add call to actions at the end of each article. This will get people to take action most importantly take action on what you want them to do. I’m glad that you find my article useful and appreciate the comment.

      Do come back for more interesting reads to optimise and grow your presence online.

      Editorial Staff

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