How to Create Effective Landing Pages That Converts Like Crazy

Landing pages are the doorway to the big bucks.

I don’t have to tell you how important landing pages are for your business. If you want your website visitors to turn into paying customers, you need a highly effective landing page that converts. One that has all the right elements to attract your website visitors and get them to sign up to whatever you are offering.

If your landing pages are another run-of-the-mill sales page, or fails to convey its intent clearly, you’ll lose out on subscribers and leads that will eventually cost you your business.

The thing is  – when you sit down to build a landing page for your business, its too easy to get caught up in the design work and spend countless hours trying to get it right. I can tell you from experience that all those hours are nothing but a waste of time. It will still be missing something important and end up looking unprofessional.

Thankfully, there are many creative tools and plugins that take the stress out of creating landing pages. One WordPress plugin that I particularly love using is from Thrive Themes.

Its called Thrive Content Builder (see my full review here) and its an extremely powerful plugin that actually works as a content editor. Once installed, you get access to the Thrive Landing Pages feature that comes integrated with the plugin.

I love using Thrive Landing pages because they are are highly polished, superbly optimized, super easy to set up and take the stress out of customization.  They also contain all the essential elements that a high converting landing page should possess.

In simple words, it does all of the work for you, leaving just the customization part in your hands. And if you’ve read my review of Thrive Content Builder, you’ll know how the plugin makes all customization a breeze with its click-to-use options.

Coming back to landing pages, what makes Thrive Landing Pages a worthwhile investment?

Well, here are 7 good reasons why Thrive Landing Pages are the best landing pages tool for anyone setting out to create one. 

Contains the 5 Most Essential Elements of a Highly Effective Landing Page

If you want your online marketing campaign to be successful, your landing page must contain these 5 most essential elements:

1. Your USP

Your website visitors should clearly identify your unique selling proposition (USP). A good landing page makes this possible with a powerful headline, a good supporting headline, a statement that reinforces the USP and a closing statement that convinces the reader without any doubt about what’s on offer.

2. Contextual Image or Video

Your landing page must incorporate an image or video that offers a visual confirmation of what you are offering to your subscribers.

3. Benefits of the Offer

The benefits of your offer must be clearly defined to the reader either by way of a description or in a bullet list.

4. Social Proof

Social proof is a powerful incentive to draw subscribers and an effective landing page must include one as part of its anatomy.

5. A Conversion Goal

Finally, the best landing page is one that has a single call to action that triggers an action. Not your run-of-the-mill Click Here or Submit button.

Thrive Landing Pages meets with all these critical requirements flawlessly! In fact it also puts all of these elements in a number of interesting placements so each landing page looks unique and attractive.

Is So Easy to Use You Can Create One in Under 15 Minutes

One of the big problems with most landing page plugins and tools is that they offer too many choices. If you had to choose between a single column or double column template or use a drag and drop builder to create your own design from scratch, you’re going to get confused, end up trying all of them and finishing up with a big mess at the end of the day.

Thrive Landing Pages are one of the most easiest landing pages to use.  They are completely optimized designs that come with one huge benefit that no other tool offers – tutorialized templates.

One-click install is that all is needed to create a page. Then its just a question of following the guidelines in the templates to add your compelling USP, testimonials, images and so on. In fact, you can even retain some of the elements in the template if it matches with your business requirement.

With most of the copywriting guidelines incorporated into Thrive Landing pages, your landing pages can be created in minutes. You won’t see Lorem Ipsum text in the templates. Rather, you’ll see a landing page with powerful CTAs that you can simply reuse for your business – like this Thrive Hybrid Homepage template.

Or this one, which is a live training webinar template.


If you’d rather create your landing page from scratch, the plugin even offers a blank template for you to work on. Plus there are many user friendly tutorials that you can check out to create a page that will be highly effective.

Lets You Host Landing Pages from Your Own Domain

Since Thrive Landing Pages is part of the WordPress plugin Thrive Content Builder, you don’t have to bother creating the pages in any other domain. You create and publish the landing page in your own website just like you would a normal page and you’ll have complete control over it. You’ll never have to bother with codes, HTML or  other complicated integration tools.

It Is Completely Customizable

Thrive Landing Pages does most of the hard work for you. Your job is only to replace the template text and images with your own. Since it is part of the Thrive Content Builder, you have countless buttons, CTAs and other styles and options that you can add to enhance your landing page elements if you want to.

For example, you can add countdown timers to push for those extra sign ups or you can add guarantee forms to sound extra convincing. And all of these are usually just one-click options so you’ll never need to go through a tutorial to set it up.

Affords Easy Integration with Most Email Software


Thrive Landing Pages, together with the powerful Thrive Leads plugin, (you can check out my review here) lets you easily integrate the CTA’s with many of the most popular email marketing software. Constant Contact, Mail Relay, Mailchimp, Aweber, Mad Mimi, and my favorite email marketing software ConvertKit (see my review here on ConvertKit and why it is the ideal email marketing SW for bloggers.) are just to name a few.

Again, integration with these tools is fairly simple. If API keys exist, you don’t even have to bother with HTML codes and such. If you integrate Thrive Leads plugin, you can even deliver assets like your eBook/video downloadables directly from your own WordPress domain.

Offers Over 162 Templates & Counting


Thrive Landing Pages offers over 160 landing pages, all sensibly categorized into popular marketing categories. For example, you have templates for lead generation, for promoting sales, for lesson downloads, for email confirmation, product launch, podcasts and more.

There are also templates specifically designed for businesses like Construction, Beauty, Restaurant and Medical websites. Finding a gem from among these is rather easy. Just filter by tag and you can take your pick.

The template gallery is frequently updated and all new templates are stored in the Cloud to avoid heavy resource usage at your end. You can also create your own custom landing pages and save them in the gallery for later use.

What more can you ask for?

Highly Affordable

Thrive Landing Pages are highly polished professional pages that will save you hundreds and thousands of dollars you would otherwise spend on hiring a designer. For just $67, you get one powerful plugin and access to over 160+ landing pages. After 1 year, you can buy support but you don’t really have to. You’ll still have access to all the features, and get unlimited free updates as well.Thrive-Landing-Pages-Pricing


And you don’t pay extra money for new templates or new features. And you definitely don’t have to keep paying a monthly subscription for using the plugin. Overall, its great value for money, even more, when you use it in conjunction with Thrive Leads.

Thrive Landing Pages  – Why Wouldn’t You Want One?

If you are new to affiliate marketing or hiring someone to help you set up your landing page is too expensive, you can benefit greatly from Thrive Landing Pages. They are by far the most easiest pages to create, customize, and deploy. And they’re also highly affordable. Plus, they come on the back of the most powerful WordPress Content Editor.

I use the Thrive Themes package on my sister site and on some of my other blogs. And I heartily recommend them to anyone who needs a complete marketing solution (theme/landing page/leads) for their business.

Before I finish up, here’s another quick look at the key features and benefits of Thrive Landing Pages.

Key Features of Thrive Landing Pages

  • Highly Optimized Templates
  • Speedy Deployment
  • Fully Customizable
  • Includes Option to Create Landing Pages from Scratch
  • Completely Mobile Responsive
  • Integrates Seamlessly with Most Popular Email Marketing Software
  • Highly affordable

If you’re in the market for a good landing page template for your WordPress based website, Thrive Landing Pages checks all the right boxes.

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