Different Types Of Email Marketers (Are You The Right Type)

If marketers use email marketing the right way they can generate a ton of traffic and sales. There are bloggers who believe that the money is in the list and are able to build massive lists and generate revenue from them on an on-going basis.

There are two different reasons most marketers use email marketing platforms like Aweber or GetResponse.

  • Send out regular blog posts
  • Send out email campaigns

Many marketers consider both these systems as email marketing strategies. While the first one can drive some traffic to your blog the second one can help with sales. As marketers we cannot choose one over another, we need both and in high numbers.

The top management is always in need of something that the competitor cannot have or are struggling with. Before marketers can do that, they need to clearly define what type of email marketing they are doing. Which would define the type of metrics they can track and also report to top management.

Lets not focus too much on the reporting side of things, rather lets take a look at the different types of email marketing that is being done. Based on the list here, you can decide for yourself what type of marketer you are and if you need to make changes to improve your email marketing campaign and start showing some improved results.

Lets take a closer look into these two topics and see what difference does it make and what best practice we can follow to ensure that we generate the best volume of traffic and also sales.

Send Out Blog Feeds

The first and foremost type of email marketer is one that sends out their blog feeds to their subscribers and call it email marketing. Email marketing comprises of much more work and detail that I will talk about at the end of the post. But first things first, sending out blog feeds to your subscribers is not called email marketing. Its just using an email marketing solution to facilitate blog feed distribution.

If you are someone who send out just the blog posts to your subscribers and are thinking you are doing a good job at email marketing then, you might want to re-consider you game plan and add in additional elements.

Things you can add to enhance your email newsletters:

  • Add a unique message, tips or suggestions that would add value to the user.
  • Mix and match blog posts with promotional messages
  • Sneak in a strategy or concept message

Build Email Campaigns

Then there are those email marketers who work ever so hard on email campaigns, planning, budgeting and what not but never get their hands dirty. Building an email campaign is great and planning, budgeting is essential to a healthy campaign as it helps in calculating ROI.

While these marketers work hard on these aspects they most often do not work on the actual email and metrics in terms of responses and optimization. This turns out to be a big loss for marketers as they never get the full circle of email marketing. The management and their bosses might be happy with the work but in terms of gaining knowledge and becoming a better marketer, I think they would be lagging behind.

My advice to these type of markers is that learn every aspect of email marketing even the boring reporting and analytics part as it would make you a better marketer and deliver better results. Your planning would improve, your budgeting would make a lot more sense and of course you will be the master you always wanted to be.

Use AutoResponders To Drip Feed Emails

I’ve been part of several email lists from some top bloggers. One thing I found in common with many of them was that they never sent out their blog feeds. They never sent out promotional emails. But they mastered the skill of using autoresponders. They would lay out a process flow and write an email for each of this process and set them all up in the autoresponders.

This way when a new user signs up, the sign up process immediately initiates the autoresponders and the emails are drip feed to the subscriber on a regular basis. This happens ever so methodically that even before you notice or realize you have purchased a product they had recommended along the way.

Most of the time these autoresponders are emails educating the subscriber on something that is essential that way the subscriber stays on.

My advice to these types of email marketers is to remember that there is more to marketing than just automating the entire task of email marketing. Engage and communicate with your subscribers. Automation is fine but it does need a personal touch every now and then.

Pitch With Every Other Email

These are the types of email marketing I believe that every one hates. Just because the only thing they know to do with email marketing software is to spam their subscribers with continuous promotional offers. I remember signing up for a few of these back when I started blogging. Signing up for a few email newsletters automatically signed me up for a bunch of more email newsletters and ever since my email inbox is filled with spam.

Caution: Be careful who’s email newsletter you sign up with. Do not just sign up because they give you a free guide. See how genuine they are and what difference they can make to your blogging or marketing efforts or something relevant to the niche you are in.

By the way I give away a free guide and if you are interested pick up your copy here.

Email Once In a Blue Moon

These are some of the most awesome email newsletter one can sign up for. The marketers grow their list, collect email, collect emails and collect some more emails. You will be surprised that after the first email you will rarely receive another email from them again.

These are the marketers whom I’d like to refer to as the Lazy marketer. Not because they are lazy to send you emails, but because of the frequency. These marketers when they do send out emails are most of the time one of the most valuable emails you’d read in a while and would be worth every bit. From time to time you also get a promotional email that you wont mind because they email you quite rarely.

As I like the lazy marketer a lot I do not have any suggestions for them.

A good marketer is one who is able to build a balance of engagement, analytics, planning and execution. To be able to send out different types of emails to your audience is way to not be boring. This will get you high engagement rates, higher open rates and even higher conversion.

So what type of marketer are you? Are you any one of these I’ve listed or you a completely different type? Share it in the comments and we can talk about it.

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2 thoughts on “Different Types Of Email Marketers (Are You The Right Type)”

  1. Really appreciate the advice. We’ve been building our email list on Mailchimp for quite some time now. I have set autoresponders to go our regularly, and once in a blue moon will share a blog post through email. But I haven’t really sent a more ‘personal’ email to our list. So I will definitely try that. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Thanks Joe, I’m glad that you found the article useful. Its good to try and make email work for you than just use it for the sake of it.

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