If you want to boost your posts via social shares, get more traffic, engagement, and conversion, Social Warfare is the only plugin you need to use on your website. Want to know why? Read on.

Everybody wants more social shares!

After all, you put a tremendous amount of effort into building great content. You do your keyword and topic research, come up with a compelling title, add eye catching images and optimize your post to drive good traffic.

But when its time for the world to see it, take action on it, and engage with it – its not working out the way you expected.

One of the reasons for this could be that you’ve not made it easy for your website visitors to share your content easily.

Thankfully, that can be remedied with a good social sharing plugin.

But finding a good plugin is not easy as it sounds.

That’s because you have a lot of options out there and most plugins come with limitations. You’ll find plugins with:

  • A clumsy UI
  • Complicated settings
  • Heavy coding that has the effect of slowing down your website
  • Expensive pricing; &
  • Maintenance issues

That’s just to name a few.

So how do you decide on a plugin that really works?

Well, you basically want a plugin that is lightweight, easy to use and doesn’t eat into your budget. Oh, and you’ll want great support too!

One plugin that I can recommend without any hesitation is Social Warfare Pro.

Back in 2015, when I first purchased and installed this plugin on one of my sites, I found my traffic soaring. I wrote a post My Secret To Getting 3X More Social Shares to share my experience with this plugin back then!

Now, 3 years down the line, Social Warfare is even more relevant than before. With a lot of big improvements and updates, Social Warfare is better than ever today. And, it is still available at a price point that doesn’t bite into your budget.


Can you be sure if Social Warfare is right for your business?

Well, in this review, I’ll spell out everything you need to know about Social Warfare so you can decide.

I believe, at the end of it, you’ll be just as impressed as I am.

Here are a few good reasons why Social Warfare is a must have tool for your website.

6 Good Reasons to Buy Social Warfare

  • Social Buttons that Load Lightning Fast.
  • Highly Customizable and Visually Appealing.
  • Perfectly Optimized for Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Google.
  • Crazy Easy to Get More Social Shares and Traffic.
  • Easily Track Shares via UTM Tracking.
  • Great Support.

Now on to the details.

Reason 1: Social Buttons that Load Lightning Fast

If you have experience with other social sharing plugins, the first thing that will hit you is that the load times for most plugins are dreadfully bad. I’ve had my share of disappointments with a number of plugins including Digg Digg and Flare, even SumoMe.

Sometimes the sharing buttons are promptly visible and sometimes they take their own sweet time to pop up. On mobile, it is even worse.

Social Warfare, on the other hand, loads lightning fast and works consistently every single time. I’ve never experienced a slow site ever since moving to Social Warfare.

Takeaway: If your site is plagued by heavy social sharing buttons, Social Warfare Pro is definitely going to solve that problem for you.

Reason 2: Highly Customizable, Visually Appealing & Responsive

If you want your website visitors to hit that social share button every time they visit your blog, you want to give them a little bit of a push.

And a clumsy looking set of buttons is NOT THE WAY TO DO IT.

Your visitors will look at it, think about it for a second and then simply navigate away.

Thankfully, Social Warfare is designed to be attractive and instantly clickable.

Social Warfare Visual Options

Just head over to the Visual Options Settings and you can customize the buttons to match your brand requirements. You can choose from Full Color and Grey to Custom Colors and you can even use them in combination with Outlines.

The team at Social Warfare says that there are over 5000 style combinations you can apply. To be honest… that sounds overwhelming, but in reality, it just takes a few minutes to set a style and visual option for your buttons.

Whatever style you apply, you can bet the buttons look aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching. On any medium – desktop, tablet or mobile.

Plus, you can choose where and how you want your buttons displayed. And whether you want them to be static or floating. It is nice to have this flexibility because you may not always want things to be displayed the same way across different post types.

Social Warfare Button Placement Options

Finally, the social buttons are responsive as any modern plugin ought to be. Your social buttons never look out of place even when you’re viewing them on a mobile platform.

Takeaway: By looking attractive and appealing, Social Warfare Pro gives your visitors just that push needed to share your posts with the world.

Reason 3: Perfectly Optimized for Twitter, Pinterest, FB and Google

One of the biggest reasons for wanting to use any social sharing plugin is that you want your content to get the best exposure possible. But not all platforms are designed to share content the same way.

Twitter limits your tweet characters and its cards support an image size of 1024×512 pixels. Facebook allows for a more generous description and supports a different image size. Pinterest encourages tall images and so on.

Most social sharing plugins don’t allow you to configure how your images and image descriptions display on the various platforms. Social Warfare Pro on the other hand, makes this a breeze.

Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn Optimization

Take a look at the custom options settings inside a blog post. You can create 1200×628 px image and upload it to the Social Media Image section to share on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. You can then add a custom SEO optimized title and description.

And just like that, your post is optimized for 3 popular platforms – Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Social Warfare FB, G+ and LinkedIn Options

Twitter Optimization

Twitter has come a long way since its inception. Today, posts that are rich and visually engaging grab more attention. Twitter makes this possible using Twitter Cards.

But have you tried configuring them for your website?

Well, that process is so wretched, its easier to give up.

With Social Warfare Pro, you are in good hands. All you need to do is incorporate your Twitter handle in the Social Identity section. Everything else is taken care of.

By default, the plugin uses your post title in its tweet. You can enhance the description, hashtags et al in the Custom Tweet section. And if you have an image uploaded to the Social Media Image section above, Social Warfare Pro will automatically convert your tweet into a feature-rich pin.

Social WarfareTwitter Options

See how this ugly looking tweet share on my sister site looks when shared on Twitter.

On Tweet:

Tweet Link to Share

On Twitter Timeline:

Tweet Link on Twitter Timeline

Cool, isn’t it. Rich tweets are so easy with this plugin, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get this sooner.

But that’s not all!

Social Warfare Pro also lets you include catchy shareable quotes inside your posts with its Click to Tweet feature. There are a few fancy styles available to pick from too!

Social Warfare Click to Tweet feature

Social Warfare Pro with support for Twitter Cards, Click to Tweet quotes and Custom Tweets makes Twitter engagement more attractive.

Pinterest Optimization

Pinterest is the second most popular social discovery network in the world. There are over a billion searches happening every month on Pinterest and if you’re not optimizing your content for Pinterest, you’re losing out.

Social Warfare was one of the first plugins to make Pinterest optimization a priority. And boy, how well they have done it.Social Warfare Pinterest Options

Since Pinterest is a social search engine, a couple of things take precedence when it comes to optimizing your content:

1. Great looking images

Social Warfare Pro lets you upload a custom image size (735×1102 px) size for every post. So when you are creating an image for Pinterest you can make it count. By adding bright colors and including text overlays to indicate the usefulness of the pin, you make it more likeable and shareable. In fact, I have some great tips on how to optimize your Pinterest page that I think you’ll find useful.

2. Good Descriptions

The Pinterest description section lets you craft a compelling concept of what the pin image is and what your post is all about. You can use SEO rich keywords and include 3-5 hashtags to help Pinterest users identify the categories your pin fits into.

When your visitors hit the Pin button and share it, Social Warfare automatically adds your Pinterest username too. Just make sure you’ve added it in the Social Warfare Settings.

Takeaway: By simply uploading a well optimized image and adding a rich description, Social Warfare makes all your posts desirable enough to be shared.

Reason 4: Crazy Easy to Get More Social Shares and Traffic

The next reason why I recommend Social Warfare is that it really works. It doesn’t just look pretty. It works. I have seen my traffic shoot up since its use and if you look for other reviewers who have used the plugin, that’s what they’d say too!

Social Warfare does this with a psychological push.

Social Share Count

1. Displaying share counts

Firstly, Social Warfare includes an option to help you track your tweet shares. Despite Twitter knocking off Share Counts, the plugin has collaborated with OpenShareCount and NewShareCounts to track your shares.

How does this help?

Well, if you have your shares count listed alongside your button, your website visitors who see it feel psychologically inclined to share as well, increasing your count further.

2. Hiding share counts

On a similar vein, if you only have a paltry few shares, it is going to discourage people from sharing. In such situations, Social Warfare lets you hide the buttons until a minimum number of shares are reached. That way, you avoid negative proof.

And, should you move your site from a http to a https domain, you never have to worry about losing your share counts. The plugin keeps your share counts intact so you never lose out on all the hard work you put in before. Just make sure to enable the Share Recovery Option in the Advanced Settings tab.

Share Recovery Option in Social Warfare Pro

Popular Posts

Another feature that encourages more shares is the Social Warfare Popular Posts widget. Just slap it on your sidebar to showcase your post popular posts by share count. By showcasing your most viral posts, visitors to your site will engage longer and (if you have impressive content), will share more of them.

Takeaway: Social Warfare Pro gives you the ability to impress your website visitors with big share counts and viral popular posts, making it easy to drive more traffic and engagement on your site.

Reason 5: Easily Track Shares via UTM Tracking

It is good to have a social sharing plugin that makes it easy for website visitors to share your posts. But how do you know what people are sharing, what your most popular posts are and all those essential vital stats?

UTM tracking in Social Warfare

Well, although Social Warfare does not offer its own Analytics, it allows you to use Google Analytics to track all inbound links that come via the plugin’s shares. Go to the Advanced Settings page to add your UTM parameters. If you use Bitly to shorten links, you can use the Button Click Tracking option to track the number of clicks on your links.

Takeaway: Social Warfare Pro enables you to gain deeper insights into your most popular content so you can better optimize it for conversions.

Reason 6: Great Support

As blog and website owners, we want our products to work flawlessly. But such is life, you’re going to have a few niggles that disrupt your workflow now and again. That’s why, when you are investing in products or services, it is crucial that you have a good customer support system in place.

In my 10+ years of blogging, I’ve encountered great customer support teams from the likes of StudioPress and SiteGround and I’ve had horrid encounters with people at Bluehost.

As far as the Social Warfare Support system goes, they rank right up there among the best. I’ve only only a few encounters with them over the last 3 years but for non-performance related issues. That’s because the plugin has always worked flawlessly for me.

But just last month, my renewal got messed up and I had to email them explaining that despite my payment the plugin wasn’t updating. Their response was professional and quick.

Apparently an issue with PayPal resulted in the blockage. I was asked to cancel my old subscription and set up a new one. It was a hassle but the team was good enough to offer a NICE discount to compensate for the trouble I had to go through.

Now that was a super nice gesture that doesn’t happen very often.

But this is not just about the discount. Their overall professionalism, quick response and genuine approach to your issues speaks volumes about how they value their customers.

Takeaway: With Social Warfare Pro in your kitty, you know your business is in good hands.

Social Warfare Pricing

Social Warfare used to be a premium plugin. But now, there is a free skeleton version of the plugin available for users to try out.  Upgrading to the $29 Pro-add-on is what truly brings the plugin to life.

There are a couple of extra buying options too! You can buy a 5 site license for $135 and a 10 site license for $250.

I feel that for the work this plugin does, the pricing is completely acceptable. What is a little difficult to digest is that this is just the annual pricing. That means, you need to set aside a fixed amount from your budget every year to renew the plugin.

But then again, don’t forget the cost involved by the development team in maintaining the plugin and coming up with new features every year.

And don’t forget, if you have achieved the benefits of getting more traffic, engagement, and conversion, the cost of renewing it shouldn’t be a bother.

Takeaway: Social Warfare Pro must be renewed annually but the benefits easily override the costs.

Well, that pretty much sums up the various ways in which Social Warfare Pro makes your content shareable. I hope that is exactly what you are looking for in a social plugin.

To summarize:

Quick Summary of Pros & Cons


  • Lightning fast loading – Your site will never slow down.
  • Gorgeous looking buttons with tons of style options – They look great!
  • Totally customizable – Offers over 5,000 style combinations.
  • Pinterest optimized – Optimizes one of the most viral social platforms like a breeze!
  • Twitter optimized – Supports Click to Tweet functionality, Custom tweets, and Twitter Cards.
  • Multiple platform support – Also supports Reddit, Tumblr, Yummly, WhatsApp, Pocket, Buffer, Hacker News, Flipboard & Email
  • Displays social share counts predominantly: Show off your share counts to encourage more shares.
  • Widget support : Add a custom widget to display your most popular blog posts by social share count.
  • Responsive: No matter what size screen your website is viewed on, the share buttons fit perfectly and look great.
  • Supports short codes : You can place the share buttons anywhere on your site with a short codes or PHP snippet.
  • Frame Buster support – Prevents people from adding their own calls-to-action over top of yours.
  • Track shares: Use UTM tracking to track the performance of your social shares in Google Analytics.


  • Could be cheaper – Aren’t we always looking to minimize costs?

The Bottom Line

I’ve listed 6 good reasons to get Social Warfare Pro for your blog or website. The fact is, once you start using Social Warfare, you’ll find plenty more. After having spent so much of my time (frustrated) with various social sharing plugins, I’ve found Social Warfare a Godsend.

Social Warfare Pro makes social sharing hassle-free. The effort involved in configuring the sharing options for each post is minimal while the benefits are tremendous.

If you are frustrated with your current sharing plugin, I enthusiastically recommend you give Social Warfare Pro a try. This is hands down the best social sharing plugin money can buy. Well, this is hands down the best social sharing plugin for WordPress there is.

Give Your Website The Social Sharing Love it Needs – Get Social Warfare Pro